The Scale of the Universe. Just Fascinating...

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Im a sci-fi, space games, starwars etc etc lover. But, I am also a fan of atomic and astrological science. I really like to discover new things about these themes, from how big is the smallest particle, to know how big is the universe, with all of his cientific miracles, our origins, the galaxies, quasars, pulsars black holes, giant and tinny stars and anythig about that. I admire all that, I admire the beauty of the universe, in all variety of sizes and shapes. And even if we were in a similar reality to star wars or something like that, I’m sure I would be a universal explorer.

Every time I learn more, I realize how insignificant we are, even a bacterium in the back of a grain of sand in the largest of the oceans. Oh, and another thing, that famous question: Are we alone in the universe?. for me is stupid, so immense and old is the universe is impossible that we are alone, just not notice it for our low-tech, or are we looking in the wrong way, who says that one way of life must be made water and various materials? and if intelligent life forms are composed of energy?.

All these questions unanswered momentarily… ah, they are my passion, my hobby, unfortunately, I have not the patience to get behind a blackboard all my life doing huge calculations to try to figure out something. So I’m just another spectator of these beautiful discoveries being made every day.

Back to the point, today i was navigating and playing some games, in newgrounds, a great site, full of creative people (like here!) and i found something…
Something Facinating, just take a little time and look this:

Tell me… no sorry, tell to the entire community what you think about this!

lol good 2 c there r other nerds here :slight_smile:

LoL , yeah i think xD

That is absolutely incredible, thanks for posting it.

sorta makes you feel insignificant, doesn’t it?


Though the music grated a bit before I was done. Lower volume would be better. Just sayin’.

I’m glad you guys liked it.
uhh i forget it, all the credit is for Fotoshop, the programmer who created that lovely size comparision.

i just noticed it now, the music autor is Cliff Martinez, interesting coincidence…

Very nice, thanks for posting!

If you liked that you might be interested in this… very thought provoking stuff!

This is in a similar vein (from the late 70’s):


OMG the 3d movie is EPIC! i love it, bookmarked :smiley:
I love it, thank u for posting that!!