The Sims 2 Anyone?

Do you play The Sims 2?

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  • What is The Sims 2?
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Okay now I know that everyone here as played Kudos. But does anyone here play The Sims 2?

Yes, but not recently since I got a full-time job.

personally I preferred the sims 1. The wants and desires stuff in the sims 2 seemed to defeat the freeform nature I enjoyed about the first one.

As a matter of fact, I love any Sims game, or you after playing the game Kudos, I am starting to think that I am a sucker for any real life simultion games. Because since Kudos is a turn based game, I never really like turn based games, but since Kudos is a life simultor game, then I like it.

Are you guys stuff at Positech Games?

I even try to ask the Sims 2 fans at the BBS if they still perfer Sims 2 over Kudos and they (having the brain size of a walnut) said yes, and they said that Kudos is stupid.

I personly think that the game was great for a turn based game and it is indeed an intellenged simmers game. And this just proves that the brain of a BBSer is the size of a walnut.

I tried to pick up the Sims again but found it really boring having to tell them simple things like going to the bathroom and eating. I’d like to see a Sims-like game where your character can be set to full-auto, where they run their own life and you can intervene or just let it run like a screensaver :slight_smile: .

On a side note so I don’t have to start a new topic, I love the new look of the main site page Cliff!.. I guess that wasn’t on the side :unamused:

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I like Sims 1 over Sim 2, Sims 2 is such a resource hog.

Well that’s bound to happen since it has real 3-D instead of the isometric rigid view the first game had. I really liked the Sims 2 better just because it gives you so much more control over the game, but of course they’ve also developed it from the original.

There’s going to be a Sims 3 out in a year or two I believe. That’ll bring any machine to its knees I bet.

I’m hoping to try the Nintendo DS version soon. There’s one with pets out now. I couldn’t run Sims 2 on my PCs 'cos my video card wasn’t spiffy enough.

yeah i love the sims 2, i play it all the time. it was on the sims 2 forum that someone advertised Kudos, so i thought i’d give that a look at :smiley:

I think that was me who advertise Kudos.

Was the author FreakAboutSims? :laughing:

I’m a Sims 1 player, and have been ever since the ex pack Hot Date came out. I’ve got all the expacks except Livin’ Large (well, I’ve got Deluxe, which comes with that, plus some added features) and I’m considering getting The Complete Collection, just to save my cd’s from excessive wear.

Anyways, I’ve seen what Sims 2 can do, and some of it is interesting, but I can’t see getting it because of it’s gameplay. Like Cliffski I prefer Sims 1 because it’s so open ended and expandable. Besides, the way the sims are in sims2 is so very demeaning, it’s too reality based, and that reality is too commercial and pop culture. I couldn’t get into a game where the play is like Desperate Housewives or some seedy daytime soap opera. The fact this game is geared towards the over 13 crowd worries me almost as much as the proliferation of FPS games, and games that glamorize scantily clad young women and buff felons and extreme warriors.

One of the reasons I like Kudos is the fact that while it’s based on reality, it’s not the seamy U.S. mass market reality, where boys are thugs and girls as young as 10 are encouraged to be sexpots. i.e, it’s about getting a job and doing well in life, more so than trying to be like the next Donald Trump or Jennifer Lopez or Mike Tyson or Paris Hilton etc…

I finally decided to upgrade my copy of the Sims 2 with the latest two expansions because they finally look interesting enough and change gameplay rather than just being a downloadable patch.

Eddy said:

I hope Pets doesn’t give you problems with the other parts; I’ve heard how it can sometimes mess up custom content. That’s just another reason I’m not too keen on Sims2. There are too many bugs, and when one is fixed with a patch in a newer game, a score more pop up to give the player problems. :confused: