THE SWARM (new Expansion pack)

The swarm are here. Time to flee. Or better still, man the guns. Even better still, buy the new expansion pack: … swarm.html
video trailer is here:

sample pic:

Thoughts and feedback most welcome.

Let me be the first one to say that this design R.O.C.K.S! ^^

looks really cool, going to buy it right away

Those ships are so pretty it’s almost a shame to blow them to bits. Almost. :smiley:
Nice work Cliff.

Just one word: WOW!!!

Really cool stuff, looking forward to blowing up birds and blowing up other things with birds. That new anti-missile pulse thingy gives me one more reason to say “Will you stop that?!?”

a small note, it says

Very nice.

Do i spy a deathstar-esque super laser there?

/me shrieks with bloodlust

i feel like this race was made for me personally


Yeehaw! Loving these new and beautiful ships!

Well done, Cliffski! The Swarm ships are really quite lovely, and bring a bold new aesthetic to the game. I’ll see if I can duct-tape their hulls to give a bit more durability in combat. That disruptor gadget is going to be put under a microscope, oh yes indeedy…

I look forward to exploring the implications of their smart bombs. From the promotional video & the teaser description, it’s superficially akin to the expanding sphere generator from the old SFB game, but with notable differences.

The new fighter hardware is also intriguing. Ahhh, just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water, here comes Jaws. :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=150]PS:[/size] If you have a new banner ad for the Swarm, please use it! It really should replace the Order ad atop the forum pages for maximum visibility!

reminds me of good old EVE smartbombs lol
hey we actually used to fit those on carriers to destroy incomming torpedoes :smiley:

now all i need to do is wait for my very first pay…
i wonder what will it be like when i`ll be telling my possible future kids about this…

“Dad, what did you spend your first job salary on?”
“Well kids, i bought a f`kin awesome spaceship explodie game… you know GSB 6? Well,this was THE original one.”
“W00t daddy ure so cool!!!11oneeleven, imma buy you a keg of beer!”

Looks and sounds nice. Can I safely assume that you’ve sent it off to Valve so they can post it on Steam, Cliff?

The Amun fighter chassis indeed looks like a 1950’s scifi hovercar, complete with what appears to be a front grille, hood ornament, and headlights.

In space.

Are you feeling okay, Cliffski?

I saw The Swarm DLC and I was all over it. This is a great addition and fits me perfectly. (I have 6 pet birds)
The ships aren’t nearly as soft as the description made them sound. The new missile defense is really nice.

spaceships based on 1950s hovercars are an un-used idea that I have been looking to bring mainstream all my life.

Well, I dont want to be a smart ass, but I think this is not the first car in space. I think all I have to say is Heavy Metal :wink:
Ok granted, it was no hovercar. But it had a parachute!!! ^^

i found a balance problem if they use mass numbers to win thats means they will use more pilots so they always have a disatvange in this region but otherwise it looks awsome

bought the DLC last night. Very very cool! I especially like the converging lasers. Now all we need are directional lasers and we can bring the Narn in! haha.

Really sweet though. My only balance complaint is the fighter modules are still off balance. its almost impossible to get a quick laser fighter. I made a custom module for the pulse laser with one of my balance changes being the power consumption dec to 3.4. Even with that, its still not easy to fit the laser on with the lvl 2 or 3 engine and the power plant it reqs.

Got my hands on the DLC just now. I absolutely love the Swarm, I’m pretty convinced this is the kind of race I’ve been waiting for all along. Or to be precise, this is the race with the kind of weapons I’ve been waiting for all along.

My only gripes with the new race are a) disruptors feel really weak individually compared to some long range shield penetrating weapons (I can’t tell whether I like them because they’re new and shiny, or because they’re actually good). I’m not actually sure I’m getting more bang for my buck using disruptors over fast missiles or cruiser plasma, can any of the resident number crunchers see how they compare? b) this is more a nitpick over my personal preferences, but smartbombs really don’t gel well with shield tanking since the huge shield bubble means the missile impacts at a large distance from the ship, and I’ve always preferred shield tanking over armour.