The tobacco ban policy

I know I’ve posted about this before, but the policy has been tweaked since and this didn’t get addressed. It shouldn’t have any impact on organized crime at low levels. Not being allowed to smoke in specific locations doesn’t create a market for organized crime. Attempts to outlaw the sale of tobacco would. The impact on organized crime needs to stay at nothing until at least half way through the strength of the policy, then curve sharply upward at the top.

As things stand right now I can fight the organized crime situation by cancelling mild tobacco restrictions, this does not make sense.

On a second note, tobacco tax shouldn’t be as effective as it is at stopping people from smoking, but should also contribute to organized crime at higher levels.

Also the obligate: ministers are still annoying! They are turning red and quitting when one of their groups is yellow and the other is green.


Yes, there probably needs to be some balancing done in this regard.

Just out of curiosity, banning in-door smoking, and creating separate spaces for smoking indoors or outlets advertising outdoor smoking, does that help the land mafia in anyway, if so, would that result in increased organized crime?