The tribe PWN!!!!

Seriously, i posted a topic earlier saying the tribe sucked.

I have completly changed my opinion.

Before, i was trying to play the tribe like all the other factions.
But now, i am playing them how they are supposed to, with no armor or shields and with lots of repair modules.

Now, they beat EVERYTHING. I only need three ship models, and even these are all loaded with balstic weapons! (except for the fighters).

one cruiser model, one frigate model, and one fighter model.

Cruisers out front, frigates behind, fighters behind them that rush in to kill the other teams fighters.
This combo, no joke, kills everything but other tribe with 90%win in the green box. I have been playing it on multiple challenges, and none that have not been tribe have failed to kill them in every way. THEY PWN!!! quite literally, they are so good that they shall jump out of your screen, punch you in the face, and at the same time instantaniously combust your fleet.

The tribe can be compared to chuck norris, they do everything. And suceed.

Post your challenge fleet and give us the info. And prepare to be boarded. =)

Its FEAR THE TRIBE!!! improved. And seriously, it pwns.
PWNS with capital letters.
Unless your using tribe also.
Then its not so great, since all i am using is balistic weapons save the fighters.

I think you’ll find Ballistic weapons are not exactly the killers you think they are… =)

I know, they suck. But they are fun, and yet they still beat everything but another team of tribe.

It’s a feisty challenge for sure. Haven’t beaten it with the Tribe yet but I managed it first time with a Rebel fleet :wink:

EDIT: My bad, I was referring to your Tribe Power challenge. That’s the harder of the two IMO.

Got through it with a federation fleet, maxed our with beam weaponry and fighters, but they took a long time to go down.

Alliance for me. Have posted the fleet I used to defeat these challenges.

Title is : Fear the Who?
posted on : 12/10/09

Would be interested in seeing the other fleets used.

I beat every Tribe fleet on Caspan IV with a fleet that’s basically a very large number of Icarus fighters: 1 fighter laser, max attack distance = 100, priority = cruiser 100%, frigate 50%, fighter 1%.

I have them backed up by some fast frigates and cruisers.
Frigate type 1: very fast frigates with 1x EMP launcher and the best shield (basically a “jinker” frigate that is hard to hit and floats around the edges firing EMPs)
Frigate type 2: slower frigate with 2 guns, a tractor beam and armor (basically an AA frigate)
Cruisers: fairly speedy with a load of Cruiser Lasers.

Basically the laser fighters get under the shields and rip up the Tribe cruisers. It slows down as the fighters take losses but the first several cruisers go down FAST and then it’s usually a matter of sweeping up the leftovers with my cruisers and fighters.

In my experience, Tribe suck on Caspan IV because you can have sooooo many fighters on that map and they can just gut the Tribe cruisers so fast.

Well, post up your anti-tribe fleet as a challenge :smiley: I want to watch how it goes with my Tribe fleet, since that one was designed to cope with fighters. I’m guessing it’s the EMP frigates that mess me up.

First of all, Good tribe users dont use use sheilds… And mine dont have shields. Usually its my frigates that die from fighters, while my cruisers dont even take a scratch, even from torpedo and rocket fighters. Could you have mixed up your wording? I really want to see this, post your fleet and tell me the name.

The tribe power was actually the weaker one, since i messed up the frigate design on that one.

So its my FEAR THE TRIBE!!! challenge thats the good one.

Okay, I just posted “Tribe killer”. I beat “Fear the Tribe (improved)” with 71% remaining.

Really my frigates and cruisers are kind of haphazard. It’s the fighter spam that kills everything.

I guess you didn’t find every Tribe fleet then… As I just ran it three times against the Tribe challenge I posted on that map last week, and my deployment won at 75% (running 1x speed,) 74% and 78% (running 4x speed.)

I was wondering when you said you beat all the Tribe/Caspian challenges using a fighter based fleets, as I’d put a lot of effort into making that fleet able to cope with rebel fighter swarms (since the Rebel fleet this Tribe fleet was styled after, was a bit weak against cruiser-eating fighters.)

Tribe are a bit weak against fighters due to the halved armour making it prohibitively expensive to armour the whole fleet… But the ‘honeypot’ cruisers I have placed on that challenge, with 3 armour and 3 tribe repair modules each, do a fantastic job of keeping cruiser-targeting fighters busy while I thin their numbers.

Here’s the real challenge then: Make a fleet that can defeat both “Tribe Killer” and “Fear the Who”.

Fear the Who looks like a basic missile-spam fleet, and the general recipe for that is “the same thing except with plasma and scramblers”. Tribe Killer is fighter spam.

I armored up my own Tribe fleet and beat “Tribe Killer” but I’m now so anti-fighter that I’m not beating “Fear the Who”.

Gonna see if I can come up with something that beats both…

This is basically coming back to my favorite harping point for GSB – you can always make a fleet that defeats ‘X’, whatever ‘X’ is, but in doing so you probably ruin your ability to defeat W, Y or Z.

You want something that beats both? Look at my Tribe challenge. ~75% against your fighter fleet. ~40% against “Fear the Who”.

And yes, you’re quite right about the game… The art of making a good challenge, to me, is in trying to make something that’ll only get beaten by fleets with gaping flaws, and that’ll beat most (hopefully all) the existing challenges on that map. That or something amusing to watch (that happens to be somewhat effective,) like my cowardly retreating fleet.

I just did the same kind of fleet against that(not exactly, i didnt have the saved deployment so i just used the same ships, and the same relative number) and i beat you 70% or something.

But those fighters did wreck havoc! they killed about 4 of my cruisers, but the rest of my cruisers and frigates just demolished your forces.

My comment above was meant to go toward you.

Your aggressive tribe fleet does well against most fleets dogthinker. It’s a fast Cruiser laser fleet. My usual method of defeating those is a wall of ships with armor and even more firepower. Which in turn leaves me vulnerable to long ranged fleets. I really need to make faster variants of my ships, but it’ll cost me in firepower…

Yeah, I figure beating a fast short ranged fleet with a slow short ranged fleet is a bit of a hollow victory, so I don’t worry too much about that ‘weakness’ of the fleet. It’s not much fun winning with a fleet you know will get beaten by 80%+ of the other challenges, after all.