The Ultimate Mod Compilation thread (01/03/2011)

Random Scenario Generator:
In work: (00/00/2010)
Roger Cooper:
You will need to paste the first page into a scenario file called random.txt and deployment file in folder called random:
Excel 2007:

I will be posting updates to this about once a week

SirJamon, i did a little update to my mod “Galactic Concordium”, plz update the info -.-



With the newest stuff. I keep forgetting to finish testing the mods I put in that list (I need to put a decent description for them).

Sorry if I don’t update this really frequently, I recently readdicted to GW & Minecraft, but there’s no need to worry because if anyone posts here I’ll get a notification in my mail :smiley:

I know it will take time for some of the unfinished mods to be released, but it’s better if I already have them in the list so people can know about their existence and suggest potential ideas for them. :slight_smile:

There is a Nomads scenario mod (the Nomads expansion really really needed this). See:

SirJamon - Just to let you know that i have (finally) updated Unity to Version 2.0 :slight_smile:

Status: Released v2.00 (23/11/2010)
Notes: Adds the new race Uni-T, who have access to a wide variety of powerful hulls and a vast array of weaponry to cleanse the Galaxy. The mod includes 29 new scenarios and 3 survival missions to face off against the cleaning collective. (There is also a Mac Friendly version avaliable.)

Updated and downloading the new version right now :smiley:

uhm, you can add this on weapons & ships:

Mod: Praetorian Industries
Status: Progressive release
Author: Praetors
Notes: Codes of new and advanced technologies by “Praetorian Industries”
Requirements: ATM unknown


The requeriments are unknown because i need to ask about from what mod i take some sprites, the “progresive release” will be changed for “Released” when i decided to end the work :wink:

Updated :smiley:

It’s a bit messy going through the whole list of weapons & ships at this moment. I’ll think if there’s a way to make the different mods more visible.

I’ve taken down the following mods due to lack of activity in the forums from their creators:

Earth, Fight for Her viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5495

US Navy 1985-2010 viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5553

I’ve done that with these two mods because their authors weren’t active anywehere in the gsb forum for some long time. I won’t be taking down WIP mods from the list if at least the author does a forum login from time to time. Otherwise, such long-term inactivity strongly indicates that a mod is orphaned/abandoned, and will likely be removed from this thread.

If you wan’t, you can update the Praetorian Industries data:

Mod: Praetorian Industries
Status: Progressive release (05/12/2010) (Pack 1 Released)
Author: Praetors
Notes: Codes of new and advanced modules by “Praetorian Industries”. “Releasing Everyday Everything for Anyone.”
Requirements: Specified in the post

Is not a “big change” but…

I updated Ancient.

Mod: Ancient: A Plant Theme Race
Status: v0.2 (18/12/2010)
Author: 123stw
Notes: This mod adds a completely new race designed from plant images. It includes 8 new hulls, several modules, and 2 exceptionally difficult missions.
Requirements: Order, Swarm, version 1.53 (used last stand command in missions)

Updated :slight_smile:

Status:[WIP] download coming 1/5/2011
Notes:The shadow race itself is mostly designed for fast and heavy attacks
while keeping ship numbers to a low amount
The ships themselves are fast, have large shields, and long range weapons, but have low hull intregrity and are very expensive.
Requirements:Maby order

Mod:Pondafarr Industries ship enhancement pack
Status:WIP, version 0.2 (16/01/2011)
Notes:The mod is composed of four projectile weapons and four target boosters.
Requirements:none, dependencies removed

Mod: The Ancient Powers
Status: WIP, about 8.33% done
Author: Wasabi of IP
Notes: 6 new races (Aegyptus, Chaots, Krystalsis, Cleaners, Coalition, & Amazonians) with unique hulls, technologies, and bonuses.
Requirements: None
No download currently available

Status: Released (30/01/2011)
Notes:My English is still very poor D:
Requirements:GSB v1.5

Status: WIP
Author: CptFox
Notes: A new race made to a true Blitzkrieg standard, they wont last long if there out numbered but turn the tables and there super high metabolism and specialised weapons will keep’em going. (The ships are actual living creatures :D)
Requirements: Not yet finished!

Updated :slight_smile:

@hopefast I’ve felt free to write the notes from the information in the thread and what I’ve seen the mod adds to GSB :slight_smile:

@CptFox I’ll keep the notes section smiley free for now. I want to keep the compilation formal like wikipedia :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok fair enough :slight_smile: