The Update to build 1.26 thread!

Post any feedback here! Here are the changes…


  1. Removed duplicate effect from firearms laws to armed religious communities.
  2. Removed duplicate impacts on luddite riots.
  3. Fixed some harmless debug warnings about missing neurons.
  4. Intel readouts are now inverted for situations where a policy reduces security effectiveness, such as Press Freedom.
  5. Fixed error where a total ban on handguns actually reduced security, instead of boosting it. Ooops.
  6. Fixed support for names for each slider setting in modded policies.
  7. EU situation now renamed to EU membership, also now boosts stability and foreign investment.
  8. EU countries now benefit from the Erasmus programme, which boosts youth income & happiness and also education.
  9. Import tariffs can now not be implemented by EU members.
  10. Made some impacts of banning low mpg cars scaled by EV transition, and introduced support for inverse variables and 6-variable equations.
  11. Cyberbullying Awareness Policy now slightly reduces Internet Crime.
  12. Universal Basic Income (UBI) cost now quadrupled so it reflects the correct figure.
  13. The Polarization situation now explains its effects better.
  14. Fixed some places where non English text was missing or did not fit nicely.

Nice work Cliff. This is the work the game needs right now. A whole lot of boring, nitty gritty what links with what fixes.


I wouldn’t have put it exactly like that, but I agree that the game really needs to have some massive changes/additions. I was hoping that this would happen as soon as Italy is finished, as I believe Cliff said that he wanted to have a pool of different countries before tackling balance and more complex/interesting features.

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A lot of the links and effects can be improved now too, because I finally got off my ass and properly implemented support for inverted and 5-variable equations!
Italy should be in soon. (doing the names today!)

I noticed, that bug report with brackets and power inconsistency in trello disappeared.
I guess this got fixed, when you added it.