The Veil Nebula Challange

Bwahaha, just scored 168,333 & 25th place…

Have discarded frigates as dieing too easily & fighters for dieing albeit more slowly.

Current fleet uses a blob formation with four ‘corner’ tanks, 1 AA cruiser & 6 missile cruisers. The first loss is a tank around 60k to en cruisers, afterwards its fighters I think running the missile cruisers out of repair supplies. Next go I’ll add a second AA cruiser in place of a missile & add a second nano repair unit to the missle cruisers.

Bit of fun this…

FWIW, I started playing 3 days ago. I’m not using any mods (not even sure what a mod is!) & I haven’t even had time to explore any other races, I’m still using Federation.

I’ve now hit 215,956 pts, no 18 on the leaderboard and the name of Matt the Merciless is now enshrined here… … scores.php

& I think I can get higher yet.


Might go to bed now tho’ instead :frowning:

14th place with 231,185


Recoil mere mortals at the might of my Federation space fleet.

13th place with 273,262


But its gettin pretty tough now… Might try somethin’ else for a while :slight_smile:

Couldn’t resist - Bwahaha!

7th place with 410,277 points.

Gonna try decoy fighters to use up spare points, read somewhere they get ignored, we’ll soon see.

Had a little dabble with the Orion scenario, but it seemed to be a completely new learning curve. Wouldn’t mind trying a new race too, but just one more go with the Federation, one more go…

Wow…I suck at the Endurance missions…

I don’t think I have attempted an endurance mission since I discovered they don’t provide honor. Sounds like you’re doing great though. Way to go!

Arse, the last three attempts I have gotten past 400k. Each time GSB has crashed before the end. The last was around 440k with the fleet holding up pretty well despite having lost two ships. The other two I set up & went to bed or work.

Gonna try stripping out all other programs & see if that improves things. Might be a memory leak…

This is definitely a memory leak and Cliff is working on fixing it.

Well… I spent from 450k onwards glued to the screen praying death & destruction to rain down. On my own guys… I can’t post a score if the game crashes and the filthy dogs just refused to die in a timely manner.

Suffice it to say without the crash I would now own the high score by a very sizable margin. For referance the existing high score is Delta-Bravo’s at 581k & using Order. And I’m at, well the screen shot tells the tale.

Matt the Merciless is Top Dog! Bwahahaha!

Can someone give Cliff a heads up on the screen shot here. The error message may be of use to him, probably not, but just in case.

Cheers, I’m off for drinks with the boys. Warped there is a bit of a party animal.

For some reason, your post reminded me of the movie King of Kong - the guys would stay and play for a day or so straight and hope the old boards didn’t crash.

A hugh thank you to Cliff for fixing the memory leak! And for emailing me direct to let me know :slight_smile:

Currently my fleet of merciless destruction, after 8-9 hours on “4” speed, is on 1.3 million… and still going…

If I had a heart I’d pull the survivors back, buy them a beer and shower them with medals, but…

Matt the Merciless has no heart! Die Alien scum!


Wow, I expected it to be over by now, 12 hours. I gotta go do some real work!

Currently on 1.6 million and still got 58% of my Fleet… 3 hours ago when I last posted I had 82% of the Fleet left and I figured the end was near, it can’t be far off!

Matt the Merciless

Its now 17 odd hours, the Fleet has been at 58% for some 5 hours and is still going strong.

The score is over 2.1 million…

I’m kinda wanting it to finish, I’d like to get back to the campaign game!

I’m gonna have to kill this game shortly, I’ve got a MP HOI3 starting in an hour & a half…

20 plus hours, just lost another ship so am at, oops just lost another… I may have reached the collapse point! Score 2.4 million…

Yeah!!! I’m dead at last! Hooray!

Score after some 20 1/2 hours is 2,421,837…

The next highest is 581,253…


But in a way it seemed a little hollow, several things seemed differant in the AI Fleets. Fighters left the combat pretty quickly if they took damage (they used fight to the death) and they didn’t swarm damaged ships like they used to. I just watched a severly damaged Cruiser with shields but no armour survive several rounds of fighter attacks. What took it out in the end (I think) were repeated nuke rockets (parts of the ship glowed green). Alien Frigate weapons seemed to be ineffective as well against the sheilds as were a lot of the Alien Cruiser weapons.

Dunno, it was great to get such a high score, but I’m left thinking somethings amiss…

And if everything is all ok, I have to say the scenario is now broken. 20 plus hours to play through is a long time… Or maybe I really am that good… Bwahahaha!!!

PS. the memory leak is definately fixed…

God damn, i think you beat the other high scores to DEATH by now!
Mind posting one/some/all of your ship builds in the Ship Build thread? I’m really curious to see how you did it

Heh, the ships are only part of the puzzle. Its also where you start them & what orders you give them.

As its a form of puzzle game, I don’t think its a good idea to post a “solution”, that kinda takes the challange out of it for others.

But send me an email and I’ll send you the details of the ships. If you know where the game stores saves (I’ve tried finding it…), I’ll send you that as well.
Matt at