the victory sign

I have an small request to somewhat remove the victory sign or leave an option “keep on watching” or changing the victory conditions so you can watch the battle to the last flying ship fighter and piece of alien metal in space… a small request. Because some battles and challenges especially are very BIG and when the battle reaches 90% vs 10% this 10% still can mean a couple of cruiser that i want to see sky bye

Actually when the victory window pops up, you can just NOT click it and the battle will be still going on.

ya but…

there will be a big sign in the way
the battle will automatically turn to 1 speed
the victory music will play over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, which is annoying

the sign and the speed i dont care about that much
the looping music… that makes me want to stab myself repeatedly with a toothpick

like other mentioned :

  1. looping music
  2. the sign blocks the screen
  3. you can’t click, choose option, or view any ships stats
  4. I don’t like that something ends prematurely

I definitelly support this idea

I feel your pain. I shall try and remember to get this on my list of ran eventual change…

eh, when you have time, just put a little ‘X’ in the corner. or put in a button after 10% saying “To Victory!” or something like that. solves every problem!