The Western Front released

Behold, details of the brand new expansion pack for Gratuitous Tank Battles: THE WESTERN FRONT
details page:
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tigers… WITH LASERS…

When will it be released on steam?

Bought install Gtb folder the dlc/mod buttom saids enable but when I go battle browser can not access the west front campaign any ideas???

I’m not sure what you mean. You have installed the expansion after buying it? did you install it to the same location as the base game?

yes bought the expansion install into base game folder how do acess the exp from gtb game

Have installed the wetern front in same location as the base game. When I ron GTB under tab mod/dlc it saids the western front exp is enabled but when I go to battle browzer there is no whay to switch between the orginal campaign and western front campaign help needed.

it may be your version of the base game just needs to auto-patch, or be re-downloaded so it is 1.017. The western front needs version 1.017 to run.