Theoretical basis for the game?

I am trying to download the game but I am running into some trouble. Meanwhile, I just wanted to know what is the theoretical basis for the game ? Does it use neural network based modeling or rules based engine ? Just curious as to any other experimental kind of social mechanism can be modeled in the game or primarily democracy based stuff is allowed.

your not going to get a answer out of these forums, since there dead. Just go look at some screenshots, the game works by “stimulations”

This forum is “dead”?
Did anyone tell Cliff?

Anyway, I have no idea what Cliff really used for the AI (what there is of it). The game isn’t really competitive/AI driven, regardless.
I’m not really sure what you’re asking about in regards to “any other experimental kind of social mechanism”, but I suspect that the answer is going to be “no”. The D2 page on the main site describes pretty much everything in the game.

These forums aren’t dead. The game is based on a neural network,. a custom one written by me specifically for Democracy 2. The game can be extensively modded, and the underlying engine could be used to simulate almost anything.