They won't come to my house!

Everyone I invite to do something at my place declines for fear of “catching something”. I cleaned the place up, I took baths, I even raised my health level to around 60%. What’s wrong? :angry:

Are you using the cleaning service? I had a bug like this once. Basically the place was filthy but I got enough money to pay for the cleaning service so I didn’t bother cleaning since I figured they would do it for me. The next day, even though the place was spotless, my friends wouldn’t come over. I had to cancel the service, clean the house, then re-subscribe to the service.

Yeah I’ve been on the cleaning service for a while. I’ll try your method, thanks!

the cleaning service stops dirt accumulating, but you will need to blitz the house yourself once.

i just posted this recently and thats exactly what solved it…funny i didnt look back here b4 i asked the question, also restarting the game works really good… :smiley:

:smiling_imp: Okay, hired the service, blitzed it, fired the service, blitzed it, hired em again, etc etc, and even restarted the game. Heck! Even my romantic relation won’t come over cause he’s afraid he’ll catch cooties.

Any other suggestions?

And what’s up with these people that comment, ‘I would not be seen in public with you!’ etc etc? Snobs i tell ya! lol Three weeks later one of them actually had the balls to ask me out! I went out with him once then dumped his butt! Pay back is great!

Try taking a bath/shower etc. :slight_smile: