Things I'm missing in this great game ...

First off, this game is great, and it turned out the right way!
So any suggestion I have is NOT negative criticsm, but thoughts about making the game even better.

Now since this IS the beta feedback forum, I’m going to be blunt with the things I’m missing:


With the whole WWI-Theme going on, where the bloody:

tanks like that with multiple cannons / weapon mounts that fire and aquire targets on their own?
Tanks like the one in the picture are some of the most recognizable of World War One.


Which brings me to the second thing I’m missing:

Secondary weapons and multiple turrets. I just can’t help it, but the tanks feel a bit weird with only their cannon firing.
Shouldn’t they have at least a small, (almost useless, but firing) machine gun somewhere, that picks off infantry on it’s own? It doesn’t have to be effective, it should just… exist.

Also, multiple turrets and weapon mounts. Look at the warhammer 40K Baneblade tank, or even some real WWI tanks - they had multiple turrets, all with cannons, machine guns, all able to fire on different targets… that would be SO damn cool.

I’m missing the possibility to mix and match stuff and weapons from GSB in general, to be honest.
In GSB, you had alot of room and slots to play around with.

In GTB, it’s only ONE weapon type, only ONE armour type, only ONE of this, ONE of that, only a few slots, no mixing, no matching, except for augmentions (and turrets & mechs, which can choose shields or armour).

The unit designer is great, but damn, saving and loading stuff is a mess. I constantly end up with 3 units with exactly the same name when I’m trying to update my old unit design.

Also, better sorting in the unit selection bar in battle. Scrolling and finding the unit you want can be a pain.


NON-ugly coloured cannons. Enough said.

End of List.

Alright, that’s my first list of things I feel that are still missing from the game.
I’m not -demanding- anything to be done, of course not! It’s your game, and your decision on what to do with it, I’m enjoying it anyway,

I just believe that these things would improve the feeling, immersion and fun your players will have when playing GTB.


3 is fixed in the next patch. Other stuff I am also working on.

I must somehow find a way to make WW1 tanks work, in terms of animating the tracks. That’s the main reason they aren’t in there already.

That sounds very promising, thanks for the reply!

Ah, and I just remembered: The online functions aren’t ready yet, correct?

Oh they are, I haven’t thoroughly investigated any possible glitches yet, but it all works, as far as I know!

Well, there is only one “online” battle that shows up in my game, and starting it crashes the game with the error message:

Missing scenario file:.\src\SIM_Scenario.cpp 185

I’m assuming the -other- online stuff works (medals, updates, friends, etc.), just the “battle sharing” isn’t working yet?

And when I try to add a friend whose name does not exist in the databank (I think), it also crashes my game with this message:

SIM_SERVER: Failed to open script response:.\src\SIM_Server.cpp 77

Opening the “compare” screen of a friend simply freezes my game.


I noticed the complete lack of any defensive augmentations.
Maybe it’s a good idea to implement some?


Additional Armour Plating = Increases Armour strength by 10% / 20%
Improved Shield Reactor = Increases Shield strength by 10% / 20%
Improved Power Grid = Increases Shield regenerationen rate by 10% / 20%
Ballistic/Laser Defense System = Chance of destroying incoming missiles 20% / 40%

And some more ideas.
Just don’t have the time to write them, it’s my ladys’ birthday, and the party is starting right now …

Yes, there is definitely scope for defensive augs, but it’s just low priority right now.

Yeah, that’s understandable.
There are alot of other things that should have a higher priority, especially fixing stuff.
Would it be helpful at all to think of more suggestions for defensive augs, for later on, or do you have them all planned out already?
And the WWI tank tracks, maybe it could work like the mech feet? Just on top of the layers, not at the bottom?..

Oh, and as it can be seen in this thread:


It’s just not me that’s having trouble with online battles and profile comparison.
I’m glad it’s not just me.

And thanks for staying in close contact with all of us.
That’s so much more than most developers do.