Things that don't work.

At certain random points when I play, as I skip turns to go to the next turn to continue to accumulate political capital, it fails to add the political capital. This is absolutely awful and reduces the pleasure one obtains from the gameplay experience. Please provide me with a patch.
Also, I am unable to alter the levels of things(like car usage, etc.) of the nation at the beginning without the game shutting down due to an internal error. Is there a fix for this problem? Thank you.

The Political Capital issue doesn’t necessarily sound like a fault. As I understand it, Political Capital has a limited life (3 turns?). Let’s say you skipped your first three turns. On your 4th turn you would gain some new Political Capital, but the Political Capital gained on the 1st turn would ‘die’. I think this more accurately reflects real-life politics, after all who remembers something good that a leader did 9 month ago?

As for your second problem… I don’t know :blush: maybe someone with more knowledge and experience will be able to answer.

this is correct, political capital is capped at some multiple of the current generated value, so you cannot just sit and accumulate it indefinitely. Can you send me an email to cliff AT with the error message, and details of how to trigger it? The game writes errors to a file called ‘debug.txt’ in it’s ‘debugdata’ folder.