Things you have done with two stage missiles?

Are there any special Weapons that you have made using two stage missiles?

Personally I have made a backstab missile:

max_range = 1000 fuel = 2800 missilespeed = 2.0 turnspeed = 0.01 has_decoys = 1 decoy_release_range = 200 submunitionslive = 1 num_submunitions = 2 stage_separation_delay = 800 second_stage_speed = 0.25 twostage = 1 second_stage_turnspeed = 1.0

It first shoots past the frontline and any pointdefense that should be there, turns around and hits its target from behind. On top of that, it will fire two additional missile that can either hit the target immediately or miss and if they miss, turn around and try again. The efficiency can be discussed, but fun to watch.

Secondly I have made a rocket “volley”. It doesn’t function exactly as I wanted, but it atleast looks better than before we had twostage:

min_range = 200 optimum_range = 350 max_range = 800 trail_fade_time = 680 missilespeed = 0.1 turnspeed = 2.0 has_decoys = 1 decoy_release_range = 800 submunitionslive = 1 num_submunitions = 11 stage_separation_delay = 105 second_stage_speed = 0.38 twostage = 1 second_stage_turnspeed = 0.05

Finally I have thought of making a shotgun/shrapnel cannon. Haven’t made it yet, so no code, but it will be similar to the 2nd weapon. First, the stage seperation will be reduced a bit so the “missiles” will not properly aim at the target. Then the main missile needs to adjust the direction before releasing the submunitions or they will go all over the place. Also the first and second stage speed would have to be the same or the submunitions will fall behind. The idea is that the bigger the target, the more submunitions will hit (depending on first stage turn speed, stage seperation delay and decoy release range).

Haven’t done the actual coding, but I had a few ideas. I’ll leave a couple.

Booster missile:
Initially launches at a turbo speed, but once the booster cell is depleted it ml travels very slowly, but becomes much more accurate.

Warp missile:
PD systems. scramblers. All devestate missile strikes. This missile is slow in its approach, but before it enters defense range it accelerates to staggering speeds that makes it next to impossible to intercept.