This and that

Really enjoying the beta so far, the game load times are wonderfully fast.
Just jotted down some things, I looked but couldn’t see any mention of them already in the forum but you may be aware of them already.


[]Pressing escape during the tutorial brings up the Yes/No popup but both options fail to respond and only the top right X works to close the popup.[/]
[]Alt-tabbing out or game losing focus (due to external applications) results in a blank screen when returning to game with no option other than to Alt-F4 the game.[/]
[]Encountered an issue with deleting a custom design, the whole game frozen and ultimately had to be killed as it was unresponsive.[/]
[]The -/+ signs work on the numpad but not on the many keyboard[/]
[]When friendly heal toggled on, new unit require it to be toggled off and back on to display.[/]
[]Regimental badge editing, tool tips for pos and size both say _TT[/]

Say if you need any further information on any of these.

Wish list

[]I find it difficult to identify which designs/templates are for attack, defence or both, some kind of filter would help as the number of designs grow over time.[/]


On the “Bear north” map it’s tricky to target the emplacements at the very bottom of the screen.
You can remove the HUD but this switches off the target selection.

The dog tag time-out appear to be based on the current speed of the game, which results in capturing them a little tricky if you like to run a game at higher speeds.
With a game speed of 0.2 you get about 15 seconds to collect the dog tags, on 1.0 speed it’s 5, but on the top speed you only get about 2 seconds to capture them.

hmmm thats a good point, I should probably change that :smiley:

:slight_smile: That does sound nice. perhaps 15 seconds across all speeds? Just a thought.


Yeah, consistent time for dog-tags would be nice. Maybe add oldskool blinking to them as they are about to disappear. This way players know the 15 second timelimit is coming to an end.