This game doesn't let you play as a capitalist.

I like the game, but there’s a problem if you try to play as a capitalist.

There’s no “free market” entity in the game, and everything is dependent on government spending. So if I try to cut taxes and spending, I end up with all of the problems like hospital overcrowding, etc, and instead it should be based upon certain policies and the game market and there should be a separate “entity”, which is the market, and if it is doing well we shouldn’t have those problems.

For instance if I cut education spending, we get illiteracy and all those problems when it should be understood that it’s encouraging private provision of education.

I guess the main problem is that, economically, everything depends exclusively on gov’t spending. If there’s a D3 there should be more of a market aspect because less government spending doesn’t mean the market won’t take care of the problems.

I’m going to have to agree. I’m a libertarian and wanted to play in that way…and I was pretty let down that I could not. It’s a great game…but it shouldn’t be called Demoracy, ‘Socialism 2’ or ‘Social Democracy 2’ would be more accurate.

Luckily, the game is easily moddable, so you can make a policy titled “Privatize everything,” and possibly a dialogue box that pops up saying “You win! No longer fettered by the dictates of all those ‘credible’ mainstream economic theories, you are now the leader of a magical utopia! Keep on reading Ayn Rand and being awesome!”

[size=80]Cliff, I’m sorry I called your customers Objectivists[/size]