This game is absurdly unbalanced!

Just got this in the sale, lots of excitement tanked when I quickly found the game is unplayable BC of balance issues.

Notice I didn’t say biased, leftist, progressive, socialist. So save hur bur bur mah socialism rocks. When people complain about this, it isn’t a political issue, it’s a game design issue. If I try to play freemarket, or conservative, or theocratic I expect there to be set backs, and negative effects, but there also has to be bonuses and incentives other than I’m trolling. I would also expect that when I play socialist there are drawbacks to everything I do, not solve all the world’s problems without any ill effect or challenge to my action.

Forget the, but there are assassination attempts garbage, I’m talking about the real set backs and challenges to governing that every other play style faces where a policy negatively affects another area of policies. In this game socialism solves, crime, inequality, education, healthcare, drug addiction, racial tension, and poverty without any trouble paying for it or causing other deficiencies. Even if socialism could do this in real life, that’s not compelling gameplay.

It’s like if we compared the governing styles to rpg/mmo roles that are typically balanced. Socialism would be ok to be DPS, it’s accessible, effective in most situations, a great starter. Then healer, tank, and control exist for different experiences and to accomplish other achievements. However in this game socialism also heals itself, can take all the hits, and shuts every opposition down. It’s better than the other roles at their own specialties.

Absolutely ridiculous.

The complaints aren’t about politics, it’s about poor game design in a political game.

Generally, some people say “it’s to left oriented” or “it’s too right wing oriented”. For me, When I play socialist I’m blowed up by capitalist and when I play capitalist I’m blowed up by socialist. No difference seen, ahahah.
It’s right there’s some bias in original game, but you can fix 'em easily.
First, lower “innate socialism” and “innate liberalism” to not more than 20 or 30% in the beginning, or even cut them off. You will so no more be able to bring socialist or anti-conservative reforms so easily.
Try different countries: UK or French are modeled very socialist, but I think I remember that’s not it with the USA? And download others countries, like Greece, East-Europa countries in crisis…
Try the “economic realism” mod. Without it, I admit it’s very evident to be oriented socialist/ecologist/liberal and atheist very soon. But with this, you will much more suffer the “debt crisis” situation, much more soon. You will have to give bonuses to enterprises, big bosses, conservatives, and cut off the state pensions, some public services and pollution controls if you want to survive.
Try also the “fascist mod”, the “disaster and emergency situations pack”, the “realistic tax” mod and maybe some others. They tend to give more power and utility to conservatives and patriot factions. I think there’s also a mod which add religious policies, but I didn’t tried it. I must admit there’s almost no advantage to take into account the religious over the liberals in the stock game: they tend to aggravate tech backward and are not so numerous compared to liberals. They’re just linked at some point with the conservatives, so the major fix would be to lower the innate liberalism to give them more importance.
Hope it helps

Then it seems my concerns about the iron fist social engineering of the player is founded.