This is how GSB 2 should look....

i just had to share this in the rare case that someone has not seen it again… :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: if you got a slower connection,preload the video first… dont say i didnt warn you if it cuts in the middle :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya’ know - it kinda reminds me of the Battlestar Galactica (new series) external cut scenes and battles.


That was amazing, we can only dream of having graphics like that in GSB-type game.
Although that is more than 5 years old and nobody has done anything like it, so go figure…maybe Cliffy has plans to implement it if GSB sells well(and there is really no reason for it to not outsell Plants vs Zombies).

And if that was done for PC requirements of 5 years ago, there really shouldn’t be any obstacles.

Holly. Crap. Before now I thought that GSB was the pinnicle of video game starship battles and that film not only blew GSB right out of the water, it blew away every other space battle right along with it! And not counting fighters that battle was only three ships. THREE. GODDAMN. SHIPS. And it got cancled, now I feel depressed.

Tech demo is easy…
Finished game is way way harder…
Tech demos often run on state of the art overclocked monsters, with the engine tailroed specifically to THAT card and THAT driver version. There is no code for AI, background simulation or other ‘under the hood’ stuff, just lots of shiny.
Quite a small proportion of the code and CPU time for GSB is taken up with actually drawing stuff. Plus GSB, is desigend to scale down to quite old PCs. If I only targeted a screen res of 1920 1200 or higher, 1 gig+ of RAM video cards, quad core chips and 4 gigs of RAM, it could be prettier :smiley:

in that case Cliff,im afraid that you will have to develop 2 separate games :smiley:
yeah,i know,but it still looks damn HOT :stuck_out_tongue: several years later and we dont have a single game that would look even half as good as that… and you`d figure that they would manage to do it by now… its a shame…
X3 got near still pretty far from the goal line… and its gameplay always lacked any real action factor… atleast we still have games like GSB,which might not look so damn shiney but still have the awesome gameplay factor, and allow us to blow up spaceships without no apparent reason just for the heck of it :smiley:

That said, I kinda like GSB’s more cartoony style, it helps the game’s general over-the-topness and I personnally think that just making 3D versions of GSB’s starships would be a bad idea so don’t feel bad Cliff :slight_smile:

I don’t think you are imagining it properly, like depth perspective, shadows on ships from other ships, dynamic volumetric lighting etc.etc…

its not just how the stuff looks,its also about ideas
shields hit/absorb maps,particle beams that actually act like particle beams,fighters skin dancing on the capital ships…
you dont often see that simply because games either lack developers that have brains and/or balls or that simply dont have the financing to do this
or that have all these resources but are developed by companies who are greedy and are rushing the game out to squeeze some quick money out of it, or just simply are making it “for the masses” and dont care all that much

this is whats killing good PC games,and what makes me really and honestly want to cry sometimes, and im not even ashamed for that

good games are not just about graphics quality, or just about ideas… the trick is to merge look and feel into one package that feels just “right”

I agree, now days there is no such thing as a GOOd game that has all the cool bells and whistles and doesn’t cost more than 30 to 40 bucks

trust me,if they would make a game that i would consider the absolute best,having all the features i would want and the proper eyecandy in all places that are supposed to have it,the only thing keeping me from buying that game would be the date of my payday,no matter the cost
making games is art,in some cases much more complex and costly than making cinema movies, and i wouldnt worry about spending 100$ on it if it would indeed be worth it,and a piece of fine art as it should be

i can be very picky about this sort of stuff and i dont think they made a game yet that would reach 8/10 on my meter
even Freespace 2 is somewhere around 5-6,with Crysis standing on 6…

I think GSB graphics are fine. I don’t like all those new games with such a large emphasis on graphics/storyline/finger dexterity, while not having any real strategy or decisions to make. Game should be more like GSB and Robot Arena 2 (with dsl mod), where you put things together with individual modules rather than some premolded skill trees.

GSB bets on flexibility and customizability,which is something i like
besides the obvious flaws (like interceptor-hunting bombers) and some difficulties i can basically somehow get around of, you can make the ships sit on their arse and beg for a cookie if you give them the modules to do it,and its easily moddable… adding the fact that Cliff is constantly improving the game with new gadgets,parameters and stuff like that…
yeah,i`d say GSB definitely belongs to the upper categories of games :smiley:

good support is important,and we have the best support we can wish for considering the fact that Cliff is the only one working on the game…

please, GSB graphics are fine, the cartoony look suits it, and some of us have computers with such -blam- video cards and processors that it an barely handle 480p (sadly, i am not exaggerating), still, trailer looked really cool… and better graphics are always nice…

the graphics are fine,but theyre not really utilized to their full potential
why make a colored line for a beam when you can make it look 1000x as awesome by making it look slightly different?
or why make the weapons do a “pziou” sound when you can make them sound like real heavy duty guns?

GSB is a very good game,but it could always use some improvement…
after it gets to a point where the only improvement GSB could get would mean replacing the engine or major gameplay changes, i will be content… until then,for the good of the game,i wont stop bitching :smiley:

Watch this video.

(only until 1:02)

This is exactly how I imagine future GSB would look like.

“particle beams that actually act like particle beams”

how do particle beams act? i have never seen one.

Sins of a Solar Empire, anyone?

Regarding the original video:
It’s pretty telling that even in a tech demo we basically see one bigger ship fighting against a bunch of fighters, and that’s it. :slight_smile: Also, I’m pretty sure they’re stretching the term “In-game footage” to the breaking point here. There seems to be a lot of “throw some cool camerawork in there to make it look cooler” and stuff like that. Which is exactly what I’d expect from a tech demo, though. Closer to being a 3d rendering software than to being a game.

That being said, Gratuitous Space Battles in 3d would be hella-cool. But I wouldn’t make it in the art style of the tech demo, it looked rather bland.

you never used a flashlight or a laser pointer?
i could understand if you would never use a ion accelerator cannon, but those are all just particle beams :stuck_out_tongue:

X3TC, for comparison. Of course the battle is more static than that tech demo because it’s actually running a simulation and working with game parameters that are fun to play, not things moving into the positions that are the coolest to watch. You won’t see fighter trench runs in AI-driven combat anytime soon though.