This is really strange

I’m trying to post an error, but it gives me a 406 (not acceptable) when I try to post it…so I’m changing the ending of the error message a bit :confused:

I go to load my game, and I get an error message: that it can’t find the job…
Could not find Job:C:\DATA\PROGRAMMING\MILO\SIM_JobBase(dot cpp) 389

When I click ok, it gives me the dreaded WINDOWS ERROR! (gasp) and quits. It does this on the savegame that I made, and on the auto save.

Other than that, I love the game, I’m a fan of both it and Democracy, keep up the good work!

is this the latest version? some job related save game bugs were fixed in recent patches. check main page for the patch link.

[size=75][color=brown]Did you just patch your game? I got a similar error message after I patched mine, and I couldn’t get into any previous save games I played before 1.06.[/size]

yes one of the version changes makes older save games unloadable I’m afraid ;(

I had just bought it and it’s BEEN version 1.06a I believe…I haven’t patched it at all.