This is what I'm complaining out

The screen shot bugged out a little, the blue window should be over the tax minister.

Anyways, as you can see this tax minister is 100% experienced, therefore 68% is as effective as this minister will ever become. This is the irreparable damage I was referring to in a previous post. Because I randomly got assigned a tax minister loyal to a group that hated me, that minister quit. The starting draw of ministers all cap out upwards of 95% effectiveness, and that’s what this game has been balanced around. This is the player being punished as if they had failed when in fact they are being punished for RNG. I appreciated that the impact of the tax minister has been reduced so this matters less, but that amounts to a band aid on a broken bone.


Why is the 100% experienced minister only 68% effective, I didn’t fully understand.

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Yes, this seems like a baffling, and hard to recognize error. If it’s an intentional effect, there ought to be some ancillary way of affecting minister effectiveness, or otherwise have new ministers possess the capacity to become 100% effective.

@cliffski, any thoughts on this one?