Thoughts for the game thus-far

This post contains my thoughts on the game, both big and small, I have thus-far. Please feel free to remark and suggest any revision inputs of your own on anything posted, and even new ideas if you feel like it should be heard and discussed here! I hope to have these ideas discussed so that they may be implemented in a future patch(es)! The developers are more than free to use any to all these ideas at their own discretion, and change any ideas around as they deem fit! If an idea is not understood, or is felt to need more elaborating please ask in detail what you would like clarified. Hope you enjoy!

For Marketing & Malpractice DLC -Make it so that companies can get sued, typically done when a company sells a drug with powerful side effects, especially life threatening ones

For Future DLC 1 -Make it so that explorers and scientists need to be employed for an upgrade (just like executives) rather than the player just needing to bank enough tokens to purchase an upgrade; this helps with the late game easiness that occurs because the player has less things to explore and research and can utilize their explorers and scientists for upgrades which are used to upgrade things to save the player more money, as well as not needing as many explorers/scientists hired and just waiting out the time for tokens so less staff are required meaning less cost for staff altogether, all of this on top of the player (typically) having more production income as the game progresses

For Future DLC 1 -Make it so that executives need to be hired (just like explorers and scientists); National Headquarters and Lobbying still provide free executives for the player to use

-Allow for ingredient and product bubbles shown over sockets to be visible even when the camera is zoomed out to its furthest distance; this allows for players to spot ingredients and products more quickly and easily, and enables for players taking screenshots to share their production lines to include what ingredients they are using

-Allow for players to delete a path of a belt section with multiple (two or more) paths; this is so players do not need to delete the belt section altogether and need to remake that belt section from scratch

-Allow for players to change flow of a belt section (i.e. flowing from A to B, instead flowing from B to A; currently how the ‘fixed belt’ works); remove the ‘fixed belt’ item altogether as well, the (regular) ‘belt’ should be able to perform the feature the ‘fixed belt’ has, as well as having the added ability to perform what the ‘fixed belt’ can do but on a belt section with multiple (two or more) paths, by default with no extra cost

-For belt sections with multiple (two or more) paths to take, have the option for certain drugs to go down certain paths that was preset by the player (going to certain machine or sockets the player desires to use on those certain drugs), also for the player to set the pattern of distribution for each belt path (e.g. 3 left, 1 certain, 2 left, 3 right, repeat)

-For the multi-mixer, leave all side-effects and cures visible when two ingredients are mixing and just have them greyed out so that players can be able to easily and quickly identify and determine which base they should use; the same premise should go for all other machines showing what the machine will do but leaving a (greyed out) reminder of what a drug was like before going through the machine

-Add to the tutorial the use of the ‘Tool Modifier’ key, including to mention how the key is used to remove drugs on belt sections

-Mention in a tutorial (any tutorial) the appearances of World Events (and where players can look for their affects), and loans (just mentioning this so players do not spend a lot of time in games without realizing they could have utilized loans through-out

-Include an explanation of the graph under the ‘Ingredients’ tab, currently there is nothing explaining what the y-axis represents exactly

-Have a ‘World Events’ info tab at the bottom of the ‘Cures’ tab that cycles through all the World Events occurring and can be extended to show the player all World Events at once with their unique statement (in case they got rid of the initial alert and/or want to view it again); this is so players can keep track of World Events without needing to go through each cure to recall what World Event is taking place, even if there is a World Event taking place at all for that matter

-Have the upgrades available for drugs increased from a 5 capacity to a 10 capacity, giving each upgrade a discount benefit of 5% rather than 10%, and having a cost rate of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 (rather than 1, 2, 4, 8, 16); this is to give the use of explorers longevity when compared to scientists who have much more research to unlock & then upgrade

-Have a button (& key) that cycles through all idle/non-fully connected machines

-Remove all upgrades for ‘Trails’ (leaving just ‘Trails’ solely to be unlocked) from the Production tab; trails for drugs can only be performed once (from what I could tell) there should not be a factor where if players choose to perform a drug trail before upgrading they become stuck with potential subpar results

-Have it so that a ‘Stock Gate’ can be deleted off a belt section without deleting the belt section itself; whenever a player selects to delete a belt section with a ‘Stock Gate’ the ‘Stock Gate’ will delete first leaving behind the belt section, only then can a player delete that belt section

-Have a number counter for the number of explorers/scientists a player has employed; when a player has their explorers/scientists engaged the player does not know how many explorers/scientists they have total and only have the total cost per month and cost per employee to go on to figure the amount they have employed

-Under the ‘Production’ tab, have a locator interface so that players can location certain drugs, ingredients, machines, and even for products with certain side-effects/cures/boosters; currently it can become difficult to locate something in particular when the player has expanded a lot

-Make managing the Stock of products easier, such as with its own separate interface just for inventory stock; also make it so players can enter a number for the inventory stock limit manual instead of relying on buttons that go by 5 intervals of change
Make it so stock becomes a component of the ‘Production’ tab (instead of being a factor in the ‘Company’ tab), where stock is physically held and the player needs to manage space, also to manage when to ship products out and when to stockpile; this might also play a dynamic where a player selling too much verse stockpiling (and anywhere in-between) their inventory can affect consumers’ willingness to pay more or less (supply v. demand)

-Under the ‘Company’ tab for use of an executive; Lower the bonus for ‘Cross-Promotion’ to 3% (from 4%); currently this form of advertising is too beneficial, putting most other executive means in a weaker position

-Under the ‘Company’ tab for use of an executive, change how the advertising ‘Branding’ works by having it give an additive bonus (like how ‘Cross-Promotion’ works) to the product for each type (pill, cream, etc.) of drug the player has (e.g. if the player is promoting a drug that is a pill and the player has in total 3 drugs in pill form (including the one receiving the promotion) then the bonus is multiplied by 3, if the player is promoting a drug that is a cream and the player has in total 5 drugs in cream form (including the one receiving the promotion) then the bonus is multiplied by 5, etc.); In order for this to work, lower the bonus for ‘Branding’ to 2% (from 3%); this can also play into a dynamic where players might want to as a result manufacture drugs in one type more than in any other type (pills, cream, etc.)

-When the player hovers over the ‘Daily Sales’ column, under the ‘Company’ tab, allow the player to be able to view the chart so as to make the interface more efficient; rather than the player needing to go under the ‘Cures’ tab to look at the details of the chart

-Under the Company tab, have it so that ‘Daily Production’ shows the player’s production capabilities alongside with what they are actually producing

-Under the Company tab, have it so that ‘Daily Profit’ shows each product’s potential earnings alongside with their actually earnings, also have it so that if a player hovers their mouse over the Daily Profit’ of a product it will show that product’s Combined Value, Raw Material Costs, Processing Cost, and Current Profit (exactly as it shows when the player selects the bubble of a product while under the ‘Production’ tab

-For items that can be upgraded, where it shows the upgrade’s benefit for an item have it so players can see all possible upgrades available for that item (even if they as far away in the line of upgrades), as well as being able to see all previous upgrades

-Under the Production tab, just like how while the player selects the bubble of a product and hovers over the ‘Combined Value’, to show the breakdown of its total, have the same done for the rest of the cost info (Raw Material Costs, Processing Cost, and Current Profit)

-Creamer should have no monetary gains (just its negative effect decreasing perk)

-Decrease the monetary gain for the Sachet Fabricator to $15 per positive effect (from $35)

-Have the ‘pause’ key be replaced with the fastest speed, there is no need for two different pause keys

-In the control settings have a ‘default’ button that players can use to revert the control options back to their default key

-When the player has a machine selected and they hover their mouse over a drug, the context menu for the machine should show how the machine will affect the drug; this is helpful to players so they can easily see what a certain machine would do for a certain drug quickly (even before that drug is anywhere near the machine on the line; even for machines that are on different lines altogether)

Thanks for reading, and make sure to leave your opinions and feedback!

Thank you very much for your share of the game, you said a lot of the company’s sales of drugs have a lot of side effects, I am very angry about that. Why don’t they try to minimize the side effects of the drug. Simple drug screening process does not give them a lot of work.

Thanks for your thoughts The Feel Good Dude.

There’s a lot to process here but I will be sure to go through them and loop back to here if I implement any of your suggestions.

All great suggestions. Let me add another…

Multiple UNDO option…

  • Sometimes a player must experiment with the right layout, number of machines, etc before arriving at a final layout/design. It would be immensely helpful to have an UNDO button that could undo every prior action, one at a time. This would allow all “practice” or “experimental” purchases to be refunded at full value and for the prior layout to be restored without having to save/load prior to an experimental layout.