Thoughts from a Newbie

Hey guys,

I purchased this game off of Steam’s weekend deals. I really like it, overall, wanted to share my detailed thoughts though:

  • I love the ship design, Masters of Orion had something similar, this is obviously much more fleshed out and involved though
  • The battles themselves are great, very true to the name
  • I’d love to see the ability to compare modules
  • When buying stuff with honour, this is where the ability to compare would be really useful. It’s hard to go back and forth to see how the to-be-purchased item compares to ones already in inventory
  • To add to the last point, buying items with honour from ship design would be useful too
  • I find the inability to order ships to specific locations, focus on specific ships, etc… a bit frustrating. I realise this is very much ingrained in what the game is, and the game might never end up with mid-fight orders. One idea that might jibe with the approach of the game is to allow for positional deployment-time orders (e.g. push to location, patrol between two positions, move to position and defend, etc…)

I’m also going to throw out some ideas that could be incorporated into expansions/enchancements, but want to preface it first. I realize this board is probably subjected to people coming in and demanding “MOAR WEPONZ!!!”. While I would love to see “MOAR WEPONZ”, I want to be clear that I think this game is great, that the value is outstanding, and these are simply passing thoughts, which the positech folk can take or ignore as they see fit. I have not done any analysis/thinking of what these could do to game balance, I’ve only sat here on my arse and thought “that might be cool”. Please take as such:

  • MOAR WEPONZ!!! (sorry, had to)
  • AOE weapons?
  • I’d love to see something like “reinforcements”, where a player can setup a wave of ships to warp in mid-fight when the player clicks a “reinforce” button (or some such), but if these don’t warp in, they count towards honour bonus
  • Hull design? Being able to cobble together a hull from different pieces would be cool
  • Scenarios!!

Keep up the awesome work!

Hello, Trails, and welcome to our forums! Comments interspersed below…

Hahaha! :stuck_out_tongue: OK, weaps u want? Weaps we got. In abundance. Enough to make you faint with both glee, awe, and fear. You, my fine friend, need to visit our Modding forum. GSB is an amazingly-easy game to add modded content to, as well as to create your own mod content for. Prior to that, you should definitely get more hours under your belt via playing more missions in the main game before installing an entire new race (with its own hulls, modules, and weaponry). You can ease into it by learning how to install stand-alone single modules or weapons that we caffeine-soaked warlords have created for your enjoyment. They range from things as simple as better crew quarters and power generators for your frigate hulls all the way up to heavy battle versions of cruisers for the 'vanilla" races, which you can load with existing standard equipment (just LOTS more of it).

That’s tougher to fulfill. At present there is, IIRC, precisely one AOE weapon in the game. it can be found in the Swarm expansion pack, and it’s meant as a short-range fighter/missile defense with a risk of “friendly fire”. I am cautiously hopeful that other forms of AOE weaponry might enter the game once Cliffski, our El Jefe Supremo, is done coding Campaign GSB. I have a mod that badly needs a particular kind of variable-width beam-type AOE weapon in order to reach its full potential. We must be patient.

That was an active discussion waaaay back in time…I no longer recall what the player consensus was, nor what Cliffski’s response was. Page back thru the Suggestions forum to see the whole thing.

If you’re handy with Paint Dot Net or The Gimp and can work with .dds files on a PC, you can go wild with that. See the Modding forum for details.

Almost every complete mod “race” that I’ve seen has also included several new scenarios. Not to sound like a broken record…err, a scratched DVD (my how the decades fly by :stuck_out_tongue: )…but, yeah: the Modding forum is your friend. Not just for the entirely-new mod races, though; we can also show you how to create your very own scenarios for any of the “vanilla” races of GSB, too.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve got this vague hunch that I should possibly mosey on over to the modding forum…

You, Captain, has been watching entirely too much Yamato.

Not that I can blame you, it is a delightful old show. :slight_smile:

I guess my “avatar” (ha!) is a pretty big clue to my sympathies. One can never have too much Yamato/Star Blazers. Never ever. :smiley:

BTW there is an orphaned Star Blazers mod that I’m taking over development of. If I get my way, that jewel is really going to shine one day.