thoughts on 1.3 from a new user

Hello everyone,
I am a new user to the game and wanted to give yall my opinions on the game, and a couple of questions.

Overall the game is fun, I put 8 hours in over 2 factories. Went bankrupt in the first one didn’t realize you couldn’t go negative at all. 2nd one I have 3.5 product lines going and learning each one I build. The hardest part in building new lines for me has been making sure I get the upgrades installed for the options I’m installing on the car. Also on the newest line I setup the stockpiles by hand, doing each item one at a time and multiple items per stockpile. Doing some reading I think predictive stock control would help that, but it was still fun to do it by hand and tweak the quantities to get the most efficient use.

I have started experimenting with manufacturing my own parts and starting to do it with items like headlights which I found if you want to do xenon or LED headlights you have to manufacture them yourself. I also have been working on adding other high quantity items, like tires, wheels, brakes to work on bringing my costs down.

Overall the game is a lot of fun, there is for sure a lot of trial and error learning how to play and how parts interact with each other.

A few questions.

  1. If you delete a line with some in process cars do you get your money back? I have been deleting one section and using that as a way to stop the line then make changes forward from that position, then when I’m done connect it back up.

  2. Conveyors over multiple lines, I guess the best way is to have your entire conveyor network all one big network, instead of having like a couple of separate networks, especially when you start manufacturing parts. What do you think?

  3. Your basic car line you start off with the start, do you demolish the whole thing and start over?


  1. Make it easier to delete conveyor, yes I know about the shift click, but it is still hard to delete.

  2. I know a better tutorial is coming so lack of clear information I’m not going to complain too much about, but I think having it clearer in the different sections that you have options available that aren’t installed would be better.

  3. I may have found a bug but going to need to test it a little further, for some reason towards the end of my play session last night the more robots option was ADDING time that it took to complete the job, so it was +10% instead of minus and yes it actually did take longer to do the job, so it wasn’t just a UI thing. I’m going to test this further.

  4. I had a few crashes but I’m still not clear the best way to document those at the moment. Devs any preferred way for us to do that? Overall it was very crash free.

  5. Add an option to disable pause on task switch. I would love to be able to look up info on my 2nd monitor and have the game continue to run in the background.

Overall the game is a lot of fun and I will continue to play for a while and looking to see how the development process moves forward and help out where I can.

Thanks for the feedback. Right now if you delete a conveyor with a car on it, you lose the entire car, no refund (although you get a partial refund for deleting slots, which can be increased by researching the ‘retooling’ tech).

We just improved the usability of the supply stockpiles ‘copy from slot’ function which will make using them a lot less hassle and clicks!

BTW xenon and LED headlight are, AFAIK now importable without manufacture.

The bug you may have spotted MIGHT be related to the car that is being worked on. Smaller cars are processed quicker than larger ones, so you may be seeing that number change as the car model changes