Thoughts on improvements

So having about 8 hrs on V1.06, This is what i have noticed and made note of.

Research completed pop up, This is annoying when you are in the middle of something. Possible solution is to make it a pop up at the top by the time, that flashes until clicked. Also might be handy to be able to make a 2-3 item Que.

Option needed to hide all warnings, that could be used when doing layout and building. Cold be put in the options menu accessible in game.

Resource Conveyors, would be handy to have 2 kinds one for imported parts and one for made parts. So that you can run them side by side without linking. In my case if i can build it i do not provide it as an import, but laying out the conveyors can be a hassle at times.

Building… units. Can it be implemented to have them remain usable after the first placement if holding the shift key. Like when placing “Make Axle” i have to go back and grab each one, where as i could lay down the ones i wanted simpler if holding “Shift”

Building… Would be hand to have the ability to right click on the item you wish to build and get a pop up to select added options (like robots 1) for the unit you are about to place (or multiples with the shift key)

Power Generation, right now i can stuff it anywhere. Would be better fit to have it required to be within a range of units to work. Like in a large factory having 10+ dryers pulling huge power, they should be required to be nice and close. This could also be factored in as a power efficiency setup, where they will work from far away but it will use way more power from them (transmission losses) then if they were right up close.

Place-able resource imports, would be nice with the requirement of 4 squares and a decent chunk of cash

Build sheets - As it is now what you get requires adjusting the line. and requires destruction to un-select it. To me a build sheet would be nice in where you chose from ALL the options to get what you want built. It then tells you if you can build it and whats missing from your line. The line can then be optioned out to fit the car but the options only used if called for. Like Aluminum body’s where if its not on the build sheet its not used.
Build sheets could them be attached to say a “fit front axle” location so the line could be building 10 different cars at one time. (time penalties would remain)

Contracts - Would be nice to have a need to fill, like fleet vehicles, You bid a contract to outfit car X for $$$, if you hit the goal its yours to fulfill. with penalties if you miss the time frame. Could be an extension to marketing.

That’s all i can think of for now, Cheers

I think the contracts is a great idea.

It reminds me of the old Caesar/Pharaoh games where the Emperor would request a certain number of resources and you have a limited time to fill it.

I see several benefits to that:

  • Able to make money on parts exports early in the game without having to build a full car assembly line.

  • A good way to introduce game mechanics to new players.

  • Additional income and game objective.

  • Could be ignore by experienced players if they wish, just don’t take the contract.