Thoughts/Questions on Basic Attack order

Currently the attack order has 2 options, priority and range. Priority is straight forward, but what exactly do they mean by range? Is this the range that it will acquire targets or is this the range the ship will try to go to after picking a target?

Personally, I think this attack command should have 2 ranges. One range that indicates what range you want your ship to move to and a 2nd order indicating the maximum distance to acquire a target. It seems to make more sense for you to be able to dictate the maximum range a ship will be interested in attacking a target and then tell them what distance to move to once they start fighting that ship.

Range is what a ship attempts to move to once it acquires a target. Target acquisition is more complicated it seems, and range matters heavily in practice (I’ve seen ships set to 0% fighter attack and 100% frigate attack ignore frigates out of their immediate range and instead chase nearby fighters around the entire map), but has no maximum range.

More useful would be separate priority for the helm. Being able to tell my ships to shoot at fighters but not chase them would be invaluable.

Thanks for the info on that.