Thousands Separator

A small request with no gameplay changes - can we get thousand separators on all numbers in the game? I’ve just started the last tutorial, opened the Company screen and my first thought was that I can’t relate financial amounts without a thousand separator (probably because I’m tuned that way from years of spreadsheet abuse at work). Much easier if I can skim down the figures and pick out obvious differences in scale first before I compare details.

For clarity they mean $1000000 should appear as $1,000,000. Or €1.000.000 for you Europeans.

Actually, using either comma or fullstop as thousands separator is not appropriate, just because the decimal sign in some areas/languages is fullstop and in some areas/languages comma. A better choice would be using a simple space, or one of the fancier thinner spaces you can find in unicode, such as U+2009.

I like the version 1’000’000 as it doesn’t brake the mathematical rules (or does it?) and looks nice and clear.

I am in favor of using spaces as separators, commas annoy me to no end, since that’s the decimal sign in Denmark.

I don’t actually mind the spacing. It never really came up in the gameplay for me. But I see what you mean.

Or just give us a toggles? I know Tim had the first versions in pounds £

Give an option to select currency (with choices of say, USD, pounds, euros, and maybe something else?) and use the appropriate separators based on that selection.

Thanks for clarifying Christian, that’s exactly what I meant. I’m format indifferent, as long as it’s clear, so spaces sounds like a good universal choice. Alternatively just pull the appropriate separator / decimal characters from the system locale?