Threads with advice for new players

Given the large number of new players I thought it might be good to point out some good advice that has been given in the past.
Frigate and Cruiser Design Guide
The State of Defence - A beginners guide…
Gunnery and Dying last: Defense on a budget

Guide: Positioning and Movement
Which Shield Combinations Work Best
The State of Fighter Design

Killing those darn fighters
Updated Spreadsheets

When your fleet is good and you want to try some difficult challenges, I recommend the Serial Attack Challege (SAC) viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4392

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Ah thanks very much, yes I only got the game friday so I’m an incredible noob and realised my mistakes as you and others have beaten me a few times, I wish I could get rid of my old challenges but there doesn’t seem to be the option.

Oh well, I’ll keep fiddling around with stuff

I’ll also like to throw Cruiser missile examination in there.

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Oops. Yes I should have included that to begin with.

Why is no one pointing toward my SAC? is it too new or something…?

Oh there it is! thanks lol

This thread needs a stickying.

When I read those threads initially I literally scrapped all my old designs and started anew, several times more effective than I had been.

Wow thanks heaps, great guides there.

I bought this game in the steam sale last week and am absolutely loving it. It’s scratching that ‘RPG build’ itch without the need for hours of grinding!

These guides are confirming and developing my learning of the game so far and giving me some great new ideas of how to eleminate inefficiencies. I love to design balanced fleets so I’m glad that these guides are more catered for that. Even when I’m up against single weapon spam fleets, I find it boring to just counter with another spam.

This game looks quite deep, but does it hit a wall or does it keep getting deeper as players come up with newer designs?

Not sure how useful this is since no one responded, but figure I include it anyway.

A Math Tour to Tribe

As a new player this thread is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you and request sticky.

heck i’m an old player (relatively, had it for about 8 months), and these guides helped, stickying this would help a lot of new players out there, and old ones too.

Thank you so much for posting this, I’m already pouring over this information and I’m seriously considering deleting my designs and starting over again after this. (probably going to hold onto a few that are my favorites but still, mass purge incoming!!)

Edit: After reading this I did in fact delete all my ship designs in order to start over fresh. Some of these things are so obvious I can’t believe I didn’t realize them on my own. I realllly hope this thread gets stickied!!! Thank you again so much for posting this for us nooberts!

Thanks follick, great resource!

Still desiring sticky here. <_<

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This collection helped me greatly. I too deleted all, or nearly all, of my designs but it finally helped me finish the basic missions. There are some items that need a buff, but even without them there is a frightening amount of depth, in a good way. I truly appreciate it when people put stuff like this together in such cases.