three converging lasers

cliffski what happened to the three converging lasers you showed a while back

you know how we got asteroid fields ?


I havent put this in yet, although most of the code (as I recall) is still in the game. I might bung it in for the next race, although I disliked how it looked if the ship wasn’t facing it’s enemy.

you could make it a weapon array… essentially a single overgrown turret which would fire from 3 places of the model or whatever
like the Legios mod has that overgrown frigate which only purpose is to fire a huge beam every century or two :smiley:

i always liked the idea of building specialized ships basically around a weapon,as with homeworld ion cannon frigates… would be interesting to have something like that in GSB to a limited extent if you ask me :smiley:

if you could add another type of hardpoint that would only accept a weapon or weapon array, and would reduce its otherwise immense requirements (to prevent it from being mounted where its not supposed to go) when mounted in that particular slot,it would be pretty interesting :stuck_out_tongue:
you know,like a single “main gun” on a ship
if you ask me every race should have that

another way would be to make a hardpoint “beef up” anything mounted inside it, but i guess that would probably kill the huge “array turret” thingy idea

Every race? I like the idea of most races having it, but there should be at least one race that doesn’t have a supergun because they don’t bloody need it.

What exactly that would mean, I don’t know. But every rule should have its exception.

And what about limiting the weapon, so it can fire only when firing ship is facing the enemy? It will look always fine, and it will increase importance of maneuverability.

This has been what has held back implementing this effect.
Basically that involves a ton of new AI code, which is fine, but would be a pain to balance, given every possible combination of orders and ranges. Ships having to face their enemies would involve a lot of fiddling to get it working right.
One option I’m considering is to have this effect kick in under certain circumstances. So for example, if the enemy ship is within a 45 degree arc, AND you had a beam weapon with three hardpoints, then the converging effect could kick in.
I think that might work well.

i hope you can figure out a way to add it in, ive been looking forward to it since you first showed it.

The new race for the next expansion pack dlc thingy will have some of these.
it took a bit of fiddling, because it means delaying the damage until the shots all come together and then fire, and that means a lot of low-level code hell I won’t bore you with.
But it’s coming. With a new enemy :smiley:

it better be a cool new enemy else im not talkin to ya cliff :smiley:
good luck with the coding, looking forward to see the new weapon in action

yea looking forward to it