Three new policies and new dilemmas

New policies:

Abortion law (uncancellable)
Urban Planning (uncancellable)
Protected Workplaces

New dilemmas:

Siamese Twins
Military Surplus
Love Parade
Fluorize Water

IMPORTANT: The Autoinstaller will only update your sliders file,it will not install the whole mod. You must copy the files manually as it is specified in the readme file in order for it to work.


You’ve got a typo in the name of the sliders file you’ve provided - you’ve called it silders.txt - so the auto installer can’t find the file (as you’ve spelt it right in the install instructions file).

You need to either rename the sliders file so that it’s title is spelt correctly or change the instructions in the install file.

For those who have already downloaded the new mods, you need to rename the file “silders.txt” with the correct spelling of “sliders.txt”

Thanks !

I fixed this, it should be ok now.

The ‘flurise water’ dilemma reminds me of Dr. Strangelove :stuck_out_tongue:.

Mine didn’t work, where do I unzip it? :question: :question: :question:

Hi. Did you place the files as it is written in the readme file ? It should work ok.

Seems to be a problem with the urban planning mod-it crashes my game without warning when I select it.

Ill see if I can find the problem now.

Edit: I can’t see anything wrong with it. Anyone else got any idea.

There isn’t a readme with the mod. Do I not just put it in a certain file and then thats it; done…suppose lifes not that simple and niether is modding :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a readme.txt file in the main folder of the mod, explaining where to copy the files, i just checked it. What are you talking about ?

Hmmm strange it didn’t seem to show up. I’ll redownload it :slight_smile:

What program can it be run on? Like so I can view it; the newmods.rar (RAR) that is?

I use WinRAR,but maybe other unpackers will also accept it (like WinZIP)?

Don’t worry DT, it turned out it was a problem with TomPhill’s autoinstaller-the slider for urban planning was put on the end of another slider I already had installed. One quick stroke of the enter key, and everything is fine.

Hmm… the auto-installer worked fine on my computer with this mod. Has anyone else had the same problem?

P.S. If you ever do have a problem using Democracy after you have run the auto-installer, the auto-installer automatically backs up the sliders and situations files before it edits them, and you can find the backups in My Documents\democracy2\backups

The game crashes when I click on Urban Planning. Why is that I wonder? :cry:

May have been the same bug for me.

Noachain, do you have my Arms Development policy installed?

If you do, go to sliders.csv-you will find that the sliders for Arms Development and Urban Planning are on the same line-just separate them.

Oh ok, wait isnt it a CSV file? I dont have a program that opens CSV’s, can you recomend one (preferably one with a free trial :stuck_out_tongue: )

You can open CSV files in Notepad. Basically, a CSV file is just a plain text file formatted in a specific way (to simplify, with a comma between each value, hence the name).

Ok thanks you two.

WOW loads of writing lol…ok I seperated them, but I hope I haven’t like screwed up the game or anything. Its not like if you delete the comma at the end of the policy row it like destroys the game or anything, is it? lol