Three new TV related dilemmas

I’ve just found three dilemmas I did for Democracy 1 but I don’t think I ever uploaded them. I’ve converted them for Democracy 2. Hope you like them. Installation instructions are provided.

All Gear No Idea - A national motoring television programme, ‘Accelerate’, has caused controversy when the presenter tried to break the land road speed record near a school. Will you criticise it?
Big Sister - A scandal has erupted on a television programme on a national network. A so-called ‘celebrity’, whose status eminates entirely from failing to win a previous series of the show, and from her obtuse questions that show how poor your education system has become, has made some ‘racist’ comments about another celebrity housemate, a Japanese popstar. Will you intervene?
Job or No Job - An employee has been sacked after being seen on popular daytime television programme ‘Deal or No Deal’, despite telling his employers that he could not work due to a bad back. Will you order his re-employment? …

ha :smiley:
These are excellent ideas. I must get a chance to suggest some stuff for auto-updated inclusion at some point.