Three tips for the unemployment problem

Three tips for the unemployment problem:
1 - The maximum GDP should reduce unemployment much more than it does now
2 - The national service should reduce unemployment in the same way as military spending, obviously those who are doing a military training course cannot study or work.
3 - A nice policy to add would be that of the “Guaranteed state work”, in this way the state would become the employer of last resort. With this policy all the unemployed are hired assigning them jobs that are proportionate to each one’s abilities and type of study.


Agree on all points. As for point 3, I don’t know if you’re aware but there is a mod that does exactly that (among other great things).

All points have great argument for them. You have my support.

Is there really an unemployment problem? I think there are many policies that influence unemployment. Maybe you have to take a closer look. My unemployment is always green.

To 1: The max GDP helps very much to reducing unemployment - by boosting different industries which reduce unemployment. You maybe need to work on certain policies with consequences you don’t like to archieve full employment

In fact, I haven’t talked about green unemployment. That can be achieved. I simply say that despite having a high GDP and having implemented several policies aimed at reducing unemployment (state industries, state schools, state health service, state postal service, space program, mars program, maximum military spending) it is not possible to zero unemployment, which is rather unrealistic. It is up to Cliff whether he wants to strengthen current policies or implement the suggestions I have written.

Well and that is realistic. There are different parts of unemployment. You can reduce the unemployment because of structure, technoly and location, but usially can not go below the amount of people beeing willingly umemployed because they have enough income, are working only season or are only temporary umeployed because the left their current job for a new job

I make an analysis of the cases you mentioned:
1 - People so rich that they don’t have to work are so few that they are completely irrelevant to the unemployment indicator.
2 - People who work seasonally are students who want to earn a little something. Everyone else has to work all year if they want to support themselves.
3 - People leave their jobs when they are sure they have another one, so the unemployment indicator doesn’t have time to classify them as unemployed.
I hope I’ve been exhaustive

And as i mentioned these are only parts of the real unemployment. Here in the game you have very many values that you can change. change wages, automation rate, migration, working week, import tarifs, minimum wages, retirement age, unemployment benefits. etc. unemployment is one of the main values that is really well balanced. i think this is a good display of the real world.
your points: 1 it doesn’t mean that they really have to be rich, but that they are rich enough so they don’t get motivated to work, for exmaple because they get unemployment benefits that is very high
2: not here in germany: some example: winter sport, certain big events (like oktoberfest), christmas (more packing), summer: certain attractions open like swimming pools.
3: It depends: in some european countries you have an unemployment asurance. This pays you a certain amount of your last wage (60-80% for like half a year after you lost your job). People use that to take a long vacation.