Tied Election Results

This was from my first playthrough as the USA when it was first released. I was wondering if this has happened to someone else?

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Oh wow, an exact tie. Impressive. I wonder how the game deices what to do in those cases. Will it just always go to the opposition?
That being said that was probably with the bug in place, where people kinda never switched parties.

In the USA, there is a special procedure for electoral college ties, but I imagine that sort of thing is out of scope. It should probably just disallow ties somehow, and find something in hierarchy of weighting to tip the scale.

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having a number of voters that isn’t even would be an easy way to accomplish this, although I suppose that only is guaranteed to work if there is no non-voter in a two party system. Still, it’d reduce chances for sure.
Right now it appears to be 328000 ballots (not sure if there’s some multiplier on that other than the clearly round 000s which I have ignored here)
If there is no such multiplier, I’d suggest to perhaps change that to, say, 328651. The reason being, that’s a prime number. There is no way to split it into equally sized chunks.
It’s still no guarantee - the Non-Voters could end up subtracting some uneven amount making the voters even and therefore potentially tied again - but it’d at least make such an outcome much less likely.

And I’d argue, if it’s that close, it should probably just go to the player. It’d feel really cheap to lose that way.

OMG thats hilarious., I must come up with a solution to that :smiley: