Tighter Hull/Weapon binding

If I may suggest:

I think there should be a tighter coupling between the weapons allowed on a Hull, and the Hull’s type.
Right now, I can create:
*“Heavy Double Barreled Artillery”, and mount a Flame Thrower on it…
*“Light Beam Turret”, and mount it with an MG…

If a Hull is named “Long Range Artillery”, it should ONLY be allowed to mount cannons. Ditto for flamethrowers, Beams, Rockets, MG.

I think this change would benefit the game in 2 ways:
*1: unlocking the turret variants would actually be useful and rewarding. “Yay, I finally got myself that Medium Rocket Turret!”
*2: This would allow for richer graphical Cannon variations. Right now, it is possible to tell them apart by looking real closely. However, given that the Weapon on the Hull becomes of a fixed type, they’d be able to have much more personality: Beam Turrets would have cannons with a bunch of Blue Glowing Hulls. This is kind of the case right now, but not enough.

I’m not really a fan of arbitrary restruictions in a game like this. I know it looks kinda strange to see laser beams shooting from flamethrowers, but for me at elast, that’s kinda part of the fun. I don’t think it’s really much of a tactic when posting a challenge to deliberately make your weapon barrle loadouts confusing. It just looks a bit ‘wrong’, and you can always play the challenge again, knowing exactly hwo the player put the units together this time.