Time and Date in Democracy 4

Maybe it would be nice to implement that the Date of the Game Events are being shown. It would be good to know in which Time the Start Date you begin. When i played Germany in Democracy 3 there was the red bubble for vigilant mobs which would be very odd for anything after 2010. But i would guess it’s fairly accurate for 1990 or something because of the Reunification and the Trouble in the New Federal States for enforcing the New Order there.
In other words, it would be nice to know on which years Data the Starting situation of a country is based. Also it would be good for understanding the Time dependent influences, like for example the rise in temperature.

Would just feel a little more immersive. Implementing Time and Date in Democracy as a sort of gimmick like the Demography in the past Civilization Games. It would just be a Design question, nothing of importance for Gameplay.