Tiny Request - Stop the research number bobbing

Hi all,

Really enjoying the game. I have a very small request of the dev, or any modders who might be able to point me in the right direction.

When you have unspent researcher/explorer points, I find the number bobbing around over the buttons very distracting. I’d really appreciate if there were any solution to this, whether it would be to stop the bobbing, put the number statically somewhere else or even hide it entirely. As it is now I often find myself spending points on things I don’t need just to get the bobbing to stop.

He he, I can add an on/off disable easily enough to the control options menu. Will add it to my list.

Some more improvements (or maybe asking too much)

1- Auto-Hide popup when you can’t upgrade any research/ingredient with current Upgrade Points
2A- All-Maxed-out popup when every research/ingredient has been discovered/fully upgraded and there are explorers/scientist hired, so they can be fired for saving money
2B- Show progress of researching/exploring, so we can easily check if everything has been maxed out and fire all specialists
3- Uninterested button: Auto-hide option will ignore researches/ingredients marked as uninteresting, so it won’t show a popup even when having enough Uprade Points for upgrading those researches/ingredients
4- Only show a popup when reached a desired ammount of Upgrade Points.

I just bought the DLC, seems great so far. This is still driving me insane though! I combed through the asset files and I can’t see any way to mod it. I’d assuming Unity has a built in system for generating basic 2D shapes and that the bobbing is part of the in-game object.

My somewhat crude solution at the moment is to use the free Image Overlay Utility to block them with some little shapes. It works to some extent :smiley:

Hey glutamate, I’m sorry, this request got pushed down the list of priorities in favour of higher priority items. I will bump it up the feature request queue.

The asset for the background of the bobbing indicator should be somewhere, it’s a sprite as opposed to being generated from primitives. It’s part of the big sprite sheet with the various logos, icons etc. It’s up near the top edge/leftish. You could certainly wipe that and that’ll get rid of the background but you’ll still have a bobbing number, so you’re probably better off with your overlay technique for now.


PS Didn’t actually realise it was possible to unpack, edit and repack sprites like that to mod the game. :wink: