To all who have challenged me.

I do not have the 2 add on packs yet, and you challenged me by using them. So you will have to wait until some time in July. Since I will be getting them at that time, plus I will need some time to finish them up to unlock all the stuff. Then I will fight all the challengers I have gotten.

there are actually three expansions…

OK, then I will be getting 3 of them in July. Thanks for the heads up on that. But now it will take a bit longer to go thought them and unlock all the stuff with in them, before I can play the Challenges that have been sent to me. But I will play them and get back to all of you, just a bit longer then I would like.

Well got it a bit early. Got all 3, and tried 2 of the 4 challenges, got my clock clean. Thought in one battle I thought I would win but didn’t just at the end.

The 2 other challenges, would not run, some error about “Hellfire missile” which I do remember seeing a thread about else where here, so I will look for that shortly.

Some one just sent me a challenge, but when I deleted the e-mail about it, and then went to the challenge board, there was no new challenges. So who ever did, please resend. Plus this seems to be a bug, when one deletes an e-mail that a challenge is there, it should not be deleting the challenge it’s self.