To Gunnyfreak

I noticed the other day I got a challange from you.
However when i go to find it I can not spot it. Is this because You have deleted the challange in question. Or is it becasue you have used items form the expasions witch at this time I have none. I would LOVE to get them but I’m at the tail end of some hard times and just riding out the waves with my damaged boat so to speak. Unable to repair as there is still roung waters, and no land in sight.


“And now you will witness the power of this FULLY operation Battlestation. Commander you may fire when ready.”

well thats interesting… idk what happened but if you’re still interested i can send you that challenge again, or a similar one if i cant find the original…

Heh sure send it over, more fodder to test my super-cruiserrs with. . . . . Er I mean Yes please I’d like the challange. I’ll try it without the Supers help and beat it first, then breack out the supers. I look forward to it.

Dang it don’t have that thing down in frount of me. How do i know your not making faces at me with that thing down?

interesting… i’ve already sent it again… looks like u didn’t recieve this one either?

have you tried refreshing the list? that might be it…

sorry I was having pc truobles after i made this post. I just got it back up here recently I’ll look here shortly.

Edit: Yep once more it was not showing up, Do you have just the most basic items in the challange as i don’t have any expasion. And are you Gunnyfreak also in the game ??

yes on both… thats very strange…

Let me try to send you a challenge. Most likly be something random and stupid.

Edit: Ok I sent you something that was a mix of fighters, frigates, and cruisers with a stupidly high pilot and cost amount. I hope you get it,a nd can send me one back.

i didn’t recieve it either so i’m going 2 post a support topic…