To re-download?

Just curious on this, I’ve already paid for this game a while back but now that I’ve got a new computer I can’t figure for the life of me how to re-download the game?

I still have the email reciept and the link but the download link is “expired” this is bugging me as I don’t feel the need to re-buy the game when technically I’ve already bought it.

So is there anyway to get the game back preferably on this computer through a download, I can readily produce the reciept via the emails I already have (thank god I didn’t delete them eh?) but I’m still trying to find a damn way to do so…

its easy. email your order number to me at cliff AT :smiley:

Got it thanks very much.

Similar problem - I’ve paid, but I wasn’t told how to download the game. I wasn’t told of shipping fees, so I’m assuming it IS downloadable. Help?

I’ve finally found the appropriate link, but I’m told I exceeded my limit of attempted downloads. I was using Flashget.

Man! Patience definitely isn’t among my virtues.

I’ve emailed you, don’t panic!