I was wondering if steam users got the last patches. I am hoping it is just a problem of my steam update system -.- cuz i dont want to stop participating in the mod community. U guys got the 1.54 last patch through steam??

The last update I see was 30th November. I wonder if Cliff would be willing (or indeed, safely able) to give us a download link for the game if we already bought it via Steam…

The update from 30/11/2010 was for version 1.50.

Thats the problem, there is no link anywhere, so as u are saying, all the steam users are stucked on the 1.50, while the rest of the users have 1.54
So, if everytime a patch is released and steam users cant get it in any ways, that only makes people to stop playing and participating in the mod community. I cant believe steam needs 1 month to update the game, so, for now, its not a much problem, but the day that Cliff launches an important update, all the steam users are screwed. For wat i see, patches are not important , so im not going to support a game that push away steam users and dont offer alternatives to get the patches.

Unfortunately, that seems to be how Steam works. They can’t even push their own things out on time, other developers have little chance of pushing things through the system on a sensible schedule. I may actually end up buying a copy direct from Positech at some point.

You could possibly download the patches like everyone else does (I’m sure someone can give a link or host them somewhere), the only issue would be telling Steam not to try to update the game itself. I can’t remember if there is an option.

Thats the weird thing about all of this. There are NO links to the updates. I wouldnt say anything if “someone” allows me to download the patches no matter the way.
And yes, steam is a bit useless in the update method, but i never needed to wait 1 month to get an update. The last GSB patch (1.50) was available in steam 1 week after cliff posted in the news. But right now, about 20-25 days (i just cant remember the exact ammounth i think 25 days is closer) and no notice about the 1.54

I just chased steam, it shouldnt be long, because the campaign comes out on steam very soon.

I wish i could believe u (theres still hope btw) but for now, i stoped doing mods for the community (only for personal use) cuz i felt a “bit” dissapointed and pushed away (as every steam user should be). I bought the campaign through non-steam , but i thought the campaign was available on steam right away… O_o (another weird thing…). Since i cant see a major concern about steam users (including more resource links to the updates) we will need a lot of time to see if all of this works and steam wake up. Of course, theres no sense to release the campaign on steam when some users have different versions of the game with no reason. But of course u already know that. Thx for your concern, btw.

the latest patch is now live on steam.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!. Thx for chasing Steam, i just come back off work this morning and saw the new version on my screen. -.- Lets hope the next patch dont last for sooo long and lets hope the inminent campaign release is not the only thing that “forced” the last patches to come out.

I bought the game through steam, but even then; when i go online, if there’s been an update it updates the game for me… (i’ve had 1.54 since it came out)

Are u sure about that?? cuz any steam user here (except u as it seems) wasnt be able to get 1.54 till yesterday.

I’m still waiting for the patch (still on 1.50).

omg thats sad. BTW, i didnt get it till 8-9 hours ago, so just be patient i guess.

The update finally seems to have come down (though the news feed still isn’t mentioning it).

yeah, i’ve been at 1.54 since new years, which was the first time i booted up since 1.54 was released