Tobacco & Drugs

Tobacco Age Policy. This would help reduce Tobacco use without banning it entirely.

Ban Drugs Policy, to split off from Narcotics (like ban alcohol and ban tobacco). To allow players more flexibility.

As mentioned elsewhere Drug Awareness Policy would be useful.

Why does legal cannabis increase crime?

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why legalizing it would lead to sale in stores and therefore increase the “loot” of thieves? maybe? I do not know really :slight_smile:


Ha ha ha ha! Could be! :smiley:

I imagine that drugs that increase aggressiveness like PCP would, so a possible balance would be to have the legalization of all drugs increase crime?

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and then if it becomes only legal as a medicine, organized crime does business, sells fake licenses and medicinal drugs even for those who shouldn’t have the right.


Hmmm…that’s a very good point. So, maybe it should boost organized crime at lower values?

somehow from “outlawed” to “medicine only” organized crime certainly rises

Yeah, it should probably fall.

also “age limit”


I’m not sure it should increase organized crime. The possible crime from selling fake licenses and the like is probably far lower than the money that could be made from selling marijuana illegally.

Legalizing Marijuana should probably also boost GDP and state income from tax revenue. In the state where I live, the government collects 400 million dollars a year from Marjuana sales just based off of the local sales tax, which is double the amount collected from Liquor.

Washington Marijuana Revenues, And Health - Washington State Treasurer.


There’s a recreational drugs tax, but the GDP aspect I don’t think that’s in.

Well, so there would be some organized crime around selling Marijuana illegally, right?


Makes people violent opposed to calm?

Doubtful, cannabis makes people lethargic, hungry and zoned out.


Well, then, I’d say you’ve found your answer to why legal cannabis increase crime if consumers go over the limit.

Not clear, why?

That’s what I’d imagine

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