Too Easy! Needs more countries!


I am about 3 hours in and I am feeling bored already. I got all the good achievements and made a bunch of utopias.

How about adding harder countries like Mexico, India, China, Russia, Mozambique or even North Korea LOL.


Have you used 200% difficulty mode?
On main page there are some ready mods, for example Greece if fun to play.


3 hours, all six country, at every difficult/apathy/compulsory voting level?

Even with randomized starts?

And all achievements?


I just did. I am considering making some mods… adding some countries. Wish me luck :slight_smile:


I’m working on North and South Korea at present.

Maybe in the future I’ll add Cuba and Afghanistan. Might even create mods for the African countries like Somalia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Zimbabwe .
Good Luck!