Too Many cars in showroom going bust.My Fix

I had over 330 cars in my showrooms and going up all the time,i was losing money and could not get my head round the export room thingy.
I had researched everything and did not want to start all over again which meant researching all again.
Also did not want to go down the borrowing route as that only leads to more problems.

So i decided to demolish my entire factory(awww) which meant i got my money back.several millions.

What happened is i turned the speed to maximum and put the price of cars to 5% and waited for about an hour (made a cup of tea)and slowly the cars in the showroom went down to zero.
which meant i now have no cars in the showroom and can rebuild my factory.Job done and i still have all my research done and have lots of money to start again.

I know its a bit long winded but it worked so i can plan to get it right this time.

Were you making all the same model and spec of car? Did you have different styles? Did you have any marketing running?