Too Many Mod(ule)s could Crash GSB v1.38

To: Anyone that has GSB v1.38.

I had a few reports of people having problems with GSB after they installed a mod.
The error message they were getting was “error unknown slot type for module\src\SIM_shipModule type.cpp75”
In this case, the cause of the problem was there are too many modules in the game.

Therefore it looks like there is an upper limit to the number of modules GSB can handle.
I would say its approximatly an extra 370 different modules (on top of the existing ones) - which is alot when you think about it.

So if your planning to make an Epic mod or planning to use several mods together, watch your module limit :slight_smile:

This Issue has now been fixed - if you have purchased the game you would already know this !!

which begs me to propose a question to Cliff: will ship design be separated between the factions? so that if say Federation is selected at the race menu the player only can see ships of Fed design and Fed turrets?

The idea i’m getting at is if this is separated, maybe the module count won’t matter as much since each modded race would have its own set of guns.

From what i could tell it was total count. It did not matter whom the modules belonged to.

gottcha. still like to see the race select feature only show my selected race, but i’ll digress.

how are modules counted then? is it the number of raw text files or is the cap on the number of .dds files the txt files work from?

From the testing i conducted, it worked on the number of modules used by the game
The count was around 370. . . rough estimate.

so, in other words, it was according to the number of selectable modules in game?

Yeah . . But feel free to test the theory. (i would be rather happy if someone said i am wrong)
You can test this theory by creating 400 armor modules restricted to federation fighters.
Open the game, and see if it crashes out. Keep deleting armor modules untill the game works.

will this be fixed anytime soon?
cliff? pretty please with a cherry on top?

if i load all the awesome mods i want to use the game just explodes in my face


The Upper limit of Modules also include ship hulls. Cen2050 discovered this problem with some of his new hulls he has developed.
After he deleted some duplicate armor modules, the game worked again

To recap, currently GSB has an upper limit to the number of items it can handle. Modules AND Hulls no mater what class or faction will contribute to that count. Therefore if you activate a large number of Mods at the same time, you might find yourself over that limit.

well THAT really f***s up my day. :frowning:

Sorry …

nah, I would’ve found out sooner or later…

…actually, now that I think about it, I probably wouldn’t have. I have installed almost every mod on the forums, and added a bunch of ships on my own, not to mention the WIP WWII mod and I haven’t hit the limit. That’s a good sign :slight_smile:

I take it you have not installed big gunz then ?
(Not that i blame you - its not exactly a popular mod)

Darkstar, thank you for that very illuminating - if depressing - report. I appreciate the research that you and Cen have done. The situation, incredibly, is worse than I had known. Cliffski should be made fully aware of these limits, as it may be something he can code out without impacting other aspects of normal game functions. The present state bodes ill for the modding community.

As it stands i am not 100% sure of the acctual limit to the game. Both Cen and I have computers that are over 6 years old.
Hybrinoid has said that he had

It is possible that the “Item limit” is determined by avalaible memory of the computer.
For example, Hybrinoid might have a newwer computer (than my old clunker) where GSB can set aside a larger portion of memory for the modules, weapons and hulls. Hence this is why he has not hit the upper limit yet . . again, this is only a theory based on the feedback i have at hand.

yes, my computer is new… err, not exactly fresh-out-of-the-factory new, but new enough.

As i said, only a theory. What mods are you running at the moment Hybrinoid ?

starwars mod, (it’s the original version, although I changed it so it uses the installer method) legios, (up-to-date version) order expansion pack, tribe expansion pack, swarm expansion pack, scavenger, (up-to-date) super GSB, tau’ri (with the overpowered Excalibur =D), Fantasy Fleet (up-to-date), my WIP WWII mod, and a secret WIP mod that I will not reveal until it is done (i am postponing work on the WWII mod until this one is finished)

hybrinoid, i’m running about 2/3 of those same mods currently. i’d be happy to run a second test on this if you’d forward the few I’m missing?

my rig is a year old, but is running Crysis above 30fps at high/ultrahigh settings, so you have a benchmark.

Hybrinoid, feel free to post links to those mods (except for your WIP) so other people can grab them
If people are happy to help conduct trials, I might make a stress test mod, to test the theory