Too Many Mod(ule)s could Crash GSB v1.38

why not just download them from their forum posts? I have no “lost” mods.

Just thought it might be easier to have them in one location . . n’mind

Further Update
It looks like that we may have been in error for the upper limit counting hulls and modules.

I had some spare time at work and have conducted some destructive testing on GSB v1.37 (no expansion packs)
This is what i have found so far:

  • Module Count (including weapons, armor, engines)
    The total number of modules i could get was 503. Once i added number 504 the game crashed.
    (total number is made up of 379 modules in the stress test mod and the original 124 that come with the game)

  • Hull Count
    I could not crash the game using hulls. I have added more than 1000 federation hulls to the game and it still worked.
    Each hull was selectable from the ship building section.

Please note that these are numbers for this computer, I have asked Cen to conduct the same tests to see if if he gets the same conclusion.
If anyone else wants to help please let me know

Thanks in advance

This bug has been found with your help, and should be fixed in the next update. However, that update is a way off at the moment, as I’m concentrating on campaign stuff and don’t want to do too many updates too close together.


I’d actually say a sticky would be nice. its a post i’d be willing to put together.

however the problem with the original threads is that most of the uploads are broken, expired links. the original SW mod no longer works, nor does its patch link and since Dantalion hasn’t released his updates, there’s no way to get this, in this particular example. Specifically, I don’t have super GSB, and tau’ri. I’d also love the JSMM versions! I’m adding the mods I have by hand currently.

Darkstar, i’d be happy to run a test if you’d like with your configuration?

@ Drewoid13

Thanks for the offer, but there is no need to test any further:

Since there is no limit to the hulls, you can merge as many mods together as you want. But you just have to watch your module limit.
So long as the game does not have more than 503 modules, you will be fine.

and its to be fixed! so I still remain excited for all the mods coming out.