Too many valves

I’m not sure which version I have. I just got it from Humble Bundle’s site today. Cool game BTW.

I always get 20 valves delivered for an 8 valve requirement. Am I missing something?

Its a known issue - viewtopic.php?f=53&t=17780 im assuming you are seeing more or less the same thing as me (item 1 on my list of bugs)

assuming you arent playing a level where you have limited funds giving the fit engine station its own import socket will improve things (the wrong things will still be ordered but it wont logjam the rest of your production so badly)

Hopefully it will be fixed soon

Also the version number just for reference is in the top right corner of the main menu screen :slight_smile:

Thank you. Sorry to post a known bug. I’m on the small factory and barely making any money, so I daren’t do too much. Probably already noted but I get too much paint as well. I tried lots of stockpiles to cut down on ‘just too late’ production, but I got way more parts delivered than actually showed up in the stockpiles and went bankrupt so I think I’m paying for all the extra parts as well.

Yes i found the low budget games were just about impossible because of the ordering bug

You pay for the materials ordered, and the extra parts ordered jam up the sockets so other parts cant be delivered and it goes downhill from there

try playing the medium game or bigger as a workaround,more money to afford stations in parallel and more import sockets will help

Cool thanks for the help. Your name has made me hungry and I’m off to eat.

Another note you cannot make valves even after you research valve manufacture.