Tools for Deleting, Other Panning Methods


The game I find is interesting in concept tho there are some control conventions being ignored from other grid-based building sims that I find missing.

1* Panning using left click is not very good when sometimes you wish to pan while having also a slot selected for placement. Recommend to pan using right-click instead to allow mouse panning also while an object is selected for placement or editing.

2* Deleting using right-click is not very good when you must click and hold for each individual object, and many such objects as resource conveyors is annoying and time-consuming to delete. Recommend to use an area or range selection with modifier keys - maybe hold CTRL or Shift plus left-click to delete things in an area. Better than this is having different delete tools for different types of objects because the conveyors and slots can overlap.

Hopeful there will be some good control changes soon if not these. These are only for consideration tho currently it feels not very ergonomic…

Thank you!

There is a tool called demolish, I think, that you can use in the build menu so that you can repeatedly left click to delete items rather than having to right mouse and hold for each.

I do agree though a click and drag would be very helpful at times when trying to clear a massive area.

this is planned (area delete) for the next update!