I want to ask can I to downloads from the somewhere full version gratis?

Why would you?
Ripping games from the big companies is illegal enough, why should you harm independent programmers as well?

Thanks, saved me from saying it. If you like the game, please buy it. If you dont like it, don’t. Your pretty likely to screw up your PC if you tried downlaoding a supposed ‘crack’ for it anyway. They are riddled with viruses.

I heartily agree with Mazzury and Cliffski. This is an entertaining, highly replayable game put out by an independent programmer, not a big company. I don’t condone ripping off the companies either, but to pirate a game from an independent is akin to breaking into a neighbor’s house and stealing their valuables. (Pirating a company game would be more like shoplifting from a department store. Immoral, illegal, and wrong … but not as cruel.)

It’s $22.00. For a game that can be played over and over again. For a game with rapid, helpful, personal tech support and customer service. For a game that you, yourself can tweak and personalize. You can download the demo free if that is all you want, but I strongly recommend the full version.

Not to mention that if you were to steal it, this isn’t exactly the right place to ask how.

In such cases, I’m always waiting for the first one to ask “I downloaded from Kazaa/BitTorrent/emule, now I can’t install. help!!111!”-kind questions. :unamused:

Absolutely true. The customer service and the support provided here, those alone are worth the price. Just compare this board to some other offical boards… most places are full of ignorance towards the customers’ ideas and complaints, offer support as bright as morons and censor posts to their likings.

Yes you can download it from BitTorrent. Just make sure it is certified virus-free. It will say something like Kudos Full Game - No Viruses!!!1! OMGLOLWTF!!1!one1 If it doesn’t have the multiple exclamation marks, it’s not the read deal.