Torpedo bombers won't fire due to proximity

As the latest patch made torpedos lighter I thought I’d try making a viable torpedo bomber, and i managed to make one with quite good survivability. The only problem is that with the newly upgraded turn range the torpedo bombers always manage to keep enemy cruisers or frigates inside their minimum range, meaning they can’t fire. As a result of this torpedo bombers now only fire a single salvo before then flying around the enemy cruiser saying “durhurr, if I try to get closer to them maybe I’ll be far enough away to fire my whooshy-cannon” which is a bit of a shame.

My suggested fix would be a ‘Hit and Run’ command that makes ships engage an enemy vessel then retreat a set distance from it before returning to the fray. That could also be used with cloaking cruisers to actually make the cloak a viable module.

They should be automatically moving to a point where the target is outside the minimum range, if their engagement range has been set appropriately?

They would stand still slowly around the max range, allowing them to get shot at or it looks like the fighters are acting like GUNSHIPS.