Total Conversion Mod support

As of the next build…
11) Total conversion mod support: Base game can now be disabled under mods.

So you can just disable the whole game in the mod control panel. Warning: Ship design screen may crash until you enable a mod that contains some sample ships. But in principle, you can now replace pretty much everything.

question, can you control the z level a ship will be at in battle?

i want navy ship water gratuitous battle thats why i want to know
(dont you hate when your submarines sail over your fighter bombers)

Hmmm, not at the moment, I’m afraid its randomly distributed :frowning:

Can’t you add some kind of variable before the randomiser? (that we will be able to change a bit?)

Some sort of way to set the level at which ships are would be pretty nice.

I, too, support modder-specified z-axis values for ships instead of purely random values. This requested ability exists at the union of both artistic as well as tactical expression via modding. The more control in the hands of the modders, the better content we can create for the players.

As for the extreme [size=85](extremely wonderful, that is!)[/size] “single-toggle” ability to deactivate the official game content for purposes of replacing it with a TC-type mod… sweet! Cliff, thank you for implementing this feature. I can’t wait to try this out as soon as time allows; it’s a big part of extending the usability of my game purchase.

In terms of setting the Z value, are you requesting an option to set the dispersion of it globally on the options screen, or you want to be able to override the z value of a placed ship in a deployment file? Would it be helpful to allow that, but have it just in the text file (rather than have a deployment-screen gui to set it)?

Personally, I would like to be able to over ride the Z value for the enemy fleet. (the AI Fleet deployment modders use to create scenarios)

Case in point. if someone wants to make a large space station made out of several “hulls” you would need the ability to ensure that each hull is at the same Z depth or it will alter the proportions / size of the various components.

I can show you an example in GSB 1 if I am not making sense.

Within the deployment file, please.

Cliff, I also fully support darkstar076’s described use of modder-specified Z-value.

the reason i want (im sure i already mentioned it)

is that i may want to make a mod (may as in might) where its boats in the sea, so then i wouldn’t want my submarines for example to fly over torpideo bombers